12 December 2008

me & t

press play and then read-on, it'll enhance your reading experience :)

today thomas came home a little early from work while bubba was still napping and i was working like a mad woman on my last stack of billing in this never-ending hell of inputing data this month...

he leisurely tossed himself on the couch and proclaimed, "well, i'm just gonna do a little light reading..." in kind of a sassy tone.

i looked back his way with a little irritation since i was obviously at the end of a very long road and was feeling somewhat haggard.

"oh really, and what is that you're reading over there?"

"oh nothing," he says nonchalantly with a sly grin.

i squint my eyes because of course i am not wearing my glasses or contacts (of course!) and see the words "bernina" on top of a pamphlet of machines that look like this:
"dont toy with my emotions thomas robertson!!" i yell like a child who has just been teased by her big brother or something.

"what?" he asks innocently, "i went by to check things out... talked to a lady who told me all about the activa 220... looks pretty cool..." (that's the one i want!)

so, i curled up next to him on the couch and with one arm around me, and one arm holding the brochure up we browsed all the features of each machine over and over. i was giddy. i've never been so excited to possibly, maybe get something on dec. 25th since christmas of 1991 when i received not only the ez bake oven, but baby alive as well.

so.... we will see.... we will wait and see...

then later, just as i fried one side of the southwest egg rolls i made for dinner tonight (thank you for the recipe echo) the power went out.

we ate half fried southwest egg rolls, not bad.

and then we were a little frenzied... what do we do with ourselves all night? no internet, no dvds, no tv, no lights...

so, we lit a few candles, armed ourselves with the camera on it's tripod, a few flashlights and some balls from ambrose's collection. we came up with these delights (one of which i look crazy/high/tired in... but i liked bubba's silly grin):

after the picture taking, we strategically set up the flashlights around the room and thomas got out his ukulele. we sang songs to ambrose as he sat on my lap and ate his very random dinner from the cupboard and then we just talked and laughed as a family.

"this is so simple and wholesome," said thomas, "i like it."

"i really really like it too," i agreed (as ambrose babbled to us and we pretended to understand).

as i was singing and thomas was playing and singing ambrose would nuzzle me and cuddle up and sing along in his language too. it isnt the first time we have had experiences like this, but it just felt so pure and uninterrupted.

then about half an hour later the power came back on and we bathed the boy, put him to bed and continued our latest crazy ritual of blowing up the air mattress to watch movies on.

we watched miracle on 34th (or is it 24th?) street in our front room with hot chocolate. i dont know why we love blowing up the mattress so much, but we just do. it feels like we are having some sort of holiday or something, it's just fun.

we laid there making fun of the cheesy parts in the movie, enjoying the classic parts and being together.
thomas would make fun of something and i would shoot an unappreciative glare at him and he would say, "what? i like this part. this is how im enjoying it..." and i would believe him and go back to enjoying it in my way (silently... like a normal person) until it was my turn to make fun of something and have him shoot me a mock unappreciative glare... ah, young love.

sorry this has turned out to be so long, but i just didnt want to forget today. i re-learned a lot about the joy of family and how if we have each other, we dont need much else (not even a bernina activa 220... although that would be nice).


boo face mcjones said...

i know what you mean about the gift. i think i am probably getting a camera for christmas, and i can't remember the last time i was kind of sure that i was getting something i really really want. it's exciting, but then i feel silly being so excited about a present.

and i love movie nights on the floor. we usually build a fort, but the air mattress definitely works.

glad you posted this; it warmed my heart.

Anonymous said...

such a lovely post! ambrose gets cuter by the day, i swear! i'm OBSESSED with this song lately and it made my heart skip a beat when i hit play and it came on. we are so meant to be friends...

The Cutlers said...

That would be so incredibly exciting to get that sewing machine!! Just think of how many awesome crafty and incredible things you could make with it. The possibilities are endless. Drew and I used to take the mattress off our bed and move it into the family room to watch movies. I don't know why we didn't think of an air mattress!!! Better idea! :)

.Ang. said...


This was the greatest post I've read in a long time! I promise!

The music totally added that perfect ambiance. The songs ultimate crescendo at the climax of the realization of such a wonderfully simple perfect evening in the story. It was all so beautiful! I love that song! It makes me want to stand on top of the world and just feel free, and able to do anything i want.

I loved reading about your evening! I felt inspired and truly happy for you as you brought out the "I am RIght where i'm supposed to be"-feeling erupted from my heart. your little family is so cute!

I just read your comment you left on my blog last night, thanks for your kind words!! I've actually been visiting your blog yesterday and was about to leave a message saying how your posts and your pictures just make me smile. They are like candy for my eyes! :) Then you left your really nice comment on my blog and I felt like it would be silly to write it after your kind words! haha

Sorry this comment is getting so ridiculously long! Just know that I DO know who you are! and i think we should be friends!

liko said...

oh, your power went out? i love the candles. and when the power comes back on, don't you wish it didn't. love those moments! and i love the looks of those glowing balls. awesome!

ashley said...

what a lovely day. i just noticed out of the corner of my eye libby used the word lovely in her comment. usually i would change my wordage, but i will not, instead i will write a long comment about my/her comment.

anyways, great post. familys rule, especially when you can all hang and laugh and enjoy each others company.

oh, and have i ever teased you about anything? just read that post and am wondering if i have?

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

oh yeah, and dont worry- it really wasnt aimed at any one person... i just noticed that i spend too much time feeling embarrassedabout things that i can do well and didnt think that was a good idea anymore. :)

Ashley said...


modestmuse said...

aw, so cute and creative. Family. We had two couples over for din last night; both wives are pregnant with their first babies. A lot of fun hanging out with friends, but I just realized today that the dynamic will change when the bebes come, and we are not in that "club" yet! But it's also cool to hear that it can be so enjoyable to just be a fam, hanging out.

The pics turned out really cool. I hope you get your Christmas wish and find a Bernina under your tree!

modestmuse said...

"The pics" = your power-outage pics. How's the flooding???

echo said...

gosh- i took a break from all my blog reading this weekend and had a TON to catch up on! i really really really hope you get your machine! i might be hoping just as much as you. just cause it would make me happy for you to be so happy.
what a fun day for you. my power out days were not half as fun. it is just no fun when the power is out and your husband is not there. oh well. see you at LL today.

my word verification is unduck. funny.

The Prigmore Family said...

Oh berninas with your computerized flawless stitching. How I envy you. these were the machines I learned on in my sewing class last year and then Dan got me my own sewing machine. A brother from costco. How crappy er I mean sweet.