12 December 2008

some healthy revelations on a friday afternoon

Smile Burst
why am i trying so hard to make my son like meat when i dont love it myself?

why do i put so much time into people who dont put so much time into me?

i say a lot of careless things about my neighbors... they probably say some pretty choice things about me.

sometimes i need to talk less and listen more.

why do i worry what some people think when i am sure we all have better things to think about?

i get teased about things i do well by some of my friends and it makes me embarrassed... they do things well too and they arent apologizing...no one should.

i kill myself off for work a lot... im gonna start thinking of things i can kill myself off doing that i enjoy.

i want:
a bernina sewing machine
to know what kind of job my husband will have next month
to stop worrying about things i cant control
to be more thoughtful but not waste energy on thoughtless people

these are all good things to know. i am happy to know them. it's nice to have some personal revelations every once in a while- they dont get me down they help me progress. try thinking of some of your own and sailing away with them, it's nice.
Leaving Maui


mrs. peterson said...

guess what brand my sewing machine is.

baby lock.

what? weird, huh? i've never heard of it and it was really cheap, but it hasn't kicked the bucket for the past year and never gives me any trouble.

i hope you get your bernina, and the rest of your list.xxoo

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

i like that your name is mrs. peterson now. i have two friends named melissa who comment on my blog and this really makes things easier on me... that's why you changed it right? :)

Alli said...

Most of us say careless things about our neighbors, but few ever admit it! Yay for bernina. I've wanted one since I took a clothing construction class at BYU. My Martha Stewart singer will have to do for now!

snbjork said...

I loved this post! I always appreciate how real and honest you are, Stephanie. I feel like I have some things to think about. Thanks. =)

P.S. What's a sewing machine...never heard of it?

KristenE. said...

Stephanie!!!! I miss you soooo much! I feel like I've been a very absent friend. I'm always looking forward to hanging out and having some girl time at our book meetings, but I always seem to miss out! I swear, if our car wasn't stolen, I sooo would've been there at the meeting.

I'm so sad to hear that work is crazy and neighbors are semi-crazy (ahem...really crazy). just let me know if there is anything I can help you with.; whether it's a trip to the mall or you need me to man-handle your neighbors, I'll be there =)

I miss you and I love you girlie! I'm sooo sorry I didn't send you a recipe, I'm a HORRIBLE cook =( I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. Hope to see you soon.

liko said...

hmmm... first off, i damn well better not be one of those "thoughtless" people you mentioned...
and secondly, i, too, would love to know what job my husband will have next month.
hey, at least the billing's done, right?? and you can enjoy the party tomorrow. doug doesn't wanna go, by the end of the week he says he is too tired to drive to town. and attend a party for a job that he'll probablt get laid off from. yes, wo is me -- my husband never takes me out...wawa.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

liko- i am off to your blog to make sure you know that you are not nor have you ever been a thoughtless person, i dont really know too many people personally who are... it was more of a general thought :)

kristen- i heart you and just today was trying to remember the last time we hung out... since i cant remember we better fix that soon!

Roeckers said...

Dear Steph:

It'll be ok.

The Lord turned the captivity of Job when he started praying for his friends.


diana palmer said...

can you please create a cool kid not cool kid list for this post too so that I can make sure where I fall? There's nothing i want more than to be there for you!