11 December 2008

i may be digging my own grave here

because we already have such a colossal list of cool kids in the recipe book by now, but do you want another day or two?
Haleiwa Multi-Slide
so many great last minute entries including thomas' grandma, my sister-in-law jenny, and some dear friends (thank you diana, matti and emily...etc.) ...

look, the truth is i wont even begin to sort ANYTHING recipe related until SATURDAY morning (12/13) anyway because i am up to my ears in this monster project for work (if you dont believe me just look at my nasty messy house and the bags under my eyes) so i figure why not?

so, if you have been meaning to send recipes in but thought, well i missed my chance- you didnt. you have until friday dec. 12th at midnight now.

i'll start sorting all the different categories and all the many many revisions people sent me on saturday morning.

ALSO, when i send out the finished product i want to do a trial run first. i want everyone to look it over and make sure theirs is right since some people sent many versions and addendums...etc. and then after a day or so i will give everyone the REAL DEAL to print. but, as always, i will remind you again since i assume everyone is like me and needs lots of reminders. :)

ok, til friday at midnight! send them in if you want and to those who already have- expect the preliminary copy around monday-ish... if not before (wouldnt that be a christmas miracle?)...


modestmuse said...

That's a brave move. Can't wait to see the finished product! I like the panoramic photo. It made me think -- and maybe I'll go as far as to request (Thomas?) -- sometime please post a pic, no matter how far away, hazy or obscure, of Kaena Point. That shape says "Hawaii" to me. As if you don't have anything else to do :)

modestmuse said...

(I'm a dum dum, it's in the panorama, just so small)

Jacob said...

I'm still curious if my "lazy-man-stew" qualifies as a recipe.

I mean it's like an instruction book for a computer that tells you to turn the thing on. It's so simple everyone should know it.

So, yeah, I could use some feedback on whether I need to send it again. ;-)


In.A.Nutshell said...

i'm coming, i'm coming. i swear!

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

jacob: oh it qualitfies alright- the men who read this book will thank you :)

althoguh your whole family can send me some sort of special treat since none of you sent your recipies in WORD and so i have to do it for you three... glad to do it if it means you guys are in the book though.