10 December 2008

today is the day

not just my mother-in-laws brithday, but your recipes are due by midnight (hawaii time... this gives many of you a couple of extra hours) tonight!

no one can say i didnt give them enough reminders :)

the cool kid list is pretty long now and the list of delicious dishes i am excited to try is even longer.

ashley jones and diana palmer are missing on that list for sure, but most others are present and accounted for.

so, get 'em in you last minuters and then it's all up to me to do the dirty work... there's a lot of organizing to be done... a lot... it may take me a while.

but it's gonna be great!


Melissa said...

i'm so excited for all those delicious recipes! great idea!

ashley said...

i am in love with that picture. can i marry it?

The Prigmore Family said...

I'm really gonna try and be a cool kid for once.

The Prigmore Family said...

I did it! Your life will be forever changed by my lasagna recipe. So will your waistline. sorry!

martin said...

please send me that collage for christmas. i love it and want it on my wall LARGE.

i can't believe i met the deadline.very unlike me. that was close.

you are so kind to be doing this for us all.

Jonathon said...

Good thing I am obsessed with your blog and decided that I should check it at 11 at night before heading to bed. I totally forgot to get you my recipes. Got 'em now! Hope you get my email! Can't wait to see what everyone makes. I wish I had something more creative to put in there.

Emily said...

am I too late? I'll email you! AHHHAHAHAAAA!!! the deadline!!! the deadline!!! (seriously, sorry I procrastinated!)