18 January 2009

bath time ritual

one day i was in the shower and i looked down and saw two ducks kissing:
Post-Bath Routine
that night at bath time i decided to pay attention and sure enough, miss peach and the ducks are oh-so carefully placed in this exact configuration by a certain toddler we all know.

first he has the ducks kiss... once or twice. i've never thought of myself as homophobic, but for some reason i heard myself assuring thomas that the one with the cape is a girl. haha! then he gingerly sets them down like so. next miss peach is kissed by him and placed lovingly next to her duck friends to chaperon i suppose.

this has been repeated every night for the last week.

he is a very affectionate child.


echo said...

i love the miss peach character. so cute. is she a sponge?

liko said...

isn't it the best when they are asleep and you see some toys in an intricately thought-out setup and it makes you smile? i LOVE that. or catching them doing or saying something that seems way too advanced for their age, but they don't know you can hear them. haha, it's great.

Brady and Rachel said...

So cute! Maybe its a first child thing, or is with yours and mine. Tayson so very much our affectionate and sensitive child. I love it! Camden is our STUBBORN child, yet very sweet sometimes too. He's is our Mama's boy. I'll be curious to see what the next one is like. They all come out so different, its crazy!

Melissa said...

haha that is too funny! I always here of kids doing these types of things, but kaiya has never done anything like that!

lizzie said...

So great. I'm so glad you recorded it for posterity. Ambrose is so much more affectionate than our little munchkin and I'm a little bit jealous. Every now and then I just wish he'd be content to snuggle with me (like in your previous post), but he'd much rather climb on my head than take a nap in my arms.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

yes, miss peach is a sponge- got her at the always delightful 99cent store... i never leave that place empty handed or disappointed for that matter :)

Ashley said...

Ah, a child after my own heart.

I love that sponge; will you send me one?

The Prigmore Family said...

So cute you have a little lover on your hands.

Is it bad that I went into the bathroom like 2 months ago and all his bath toys except Buzz lightyear were lined up (OCD) and facing the wall? I asked Choobie what his toys were doing and he said in a mean voice pointing his finger, "they're on time out."

Seriously, I've created a monster.

naomi megan. said...

that's too funny. the ducks are adorable in the photo too!