29 January 2009

better to just be

dont force an identity or passion
the mind is a blur
cotton, wool, twirl
grey and thin
worn outside and in

content am i
to spin this lullaby
build that tower there
support you and share

girls pretending to be their mothers
when age doesnt match occupation


i'm more of a shadow
secure in my whim
fertile yet trim
hold onto my son
trade vogue for fun

not much of a sewer or crafter
or a homemaking whiz
not too concerned with whole wheat or canning just yet
children, music, art, and novels would be my best bet

but we all really do what we all do best

it's just what we like

there will be no test

isn't it lovely that no one's the same?

if you like movies better than cooking or yoga better than crafting there's really no shame.

i am what i am and not what i try to be
tomorrow could change
but today will Be.

no set requirements
bright, glowing love
concern and hope for you
trust up above
careful, thoughtful
hold on tight
hug them close
walk in the light.


Matti said...

That was beautiful. Sometimes I wish I was you, but I guess it's better to just be me. But, I still think you are pretty cool. ;-)

mrs. peterson said...

you be you

liko said...

i love.

and i love regina spektor, too.

Annajean the domestic klutz...I mean er goddess! said...


Remember me old roomie? I found you! I got your blog I think from Sharlene. You look great girl! Congrats on baby 2 on the way.

diana palmer said...

there are so many reasons why i love you. this was a pretty good, although not completely comprehensive list.

laurel said...

Dang it Stephanie! I've tried so hard to put music on to my blog and to NO AVAIL! I even did make a playlist and Bon Iver's song Skinny Love was on it. I love that song!

laurel said...

Man, that's a nice comment from D. Palmer

laurel said...

Wow! loved this! Awesome you go girl say it like it is!

I am: destined to never write everything into one single comment. This happens to me a lot in conversation but then I never really get to say everything but with the blog well... here you have it...

In.A.Nutshell said...

you're pretty cool. i like your written words, and i like our confidence in self.

favorite line: "when age doesn't match occupation."

echo said...

you are so talented in your writing ability and in expressing yourself. i often get jealous of it in fact. i was not blessed with an elegant tongue.
i love you steph

lizzie said...

That's a lovely poem. You know, they have a good creative writing program at a little school out here called NYU. Not that you need to go to school again, I'd just like to have you as a neighbor.

laurel said...

Samson...what a great song!! I've listened to it about 10 time now today...

laurel said...

Beautiful and True.

I like that.

ashley said...