09 January 2009

i really like: him, but he is a PEST! :)

i'm not joking.

godzilla returns. (is this referring to ambrose or his mom when she doesnt get her break during nap time? you be the judge.)

today he has refused to take a nap. i could just end there and mothers all over the world would bow their heads in a moment of silence for me since we feel so entitled to that sacred time of day.

instead of napping he has turned the tv on and off, wiped his runny nose all over every last inch of my once clean clothing, knocked over all of his play chairs and his toys and snacks are ALL OVER THE HOUSE,


five minutes ago he ran over to me and wanted to be scooped up so i hugged him and i was just about to tell him i still loved him.... even if he was being a rascal and not napping as he cupped his mouth over my entire ear and SCREAMED... no, SCREECHED as loud as he possibly could into my ear and then laughed really hard about it.... my ear is still itchy and ringing, after that i told him to give me some space and he hugged me so i felt bad... but then he promptly bit my shoulder as hard as he could and laughed again........

i'm going to have two of these wild pups in just less than five months????
heaven help us all. :)

luckily daddy took over and they are merrily playing in the front room with primary tunes blasting and a serious game of hide and seek going on.

thank heavens for that. me, my snotty clothes, ear, shoulder and sanity need a little break.


.Ang. said...

I am in the exact same place at this very moment.

...need.... space...!!!!

Melissa said...

haha!! what a little stinker! screeching is THE worst!

It's slightly funny in a, "you are a good writer" kind of way. I'm glad your getting a break. you deserve one.

liko said...

oh, okay, i get what you meant by being a little (just TAD bit) annoyed with him when i got my books earlier...hope he crashes. soon. for your sake, and his.

Carrie said...


It's national Be A Pest Day, didn't you hear?

Mine woke up with their A-game on as well. hahahaha

Thank goodness for night time.

sheila said...

You made me laugh out loud today.

You will probably laugh at the moment tomorrow. Meanwhile, I hope your ear is ok.

Greene said...

when nap time took a dive at our house, i discovered a little something called a crib net and peace was restored. seriously it had to happen or there could have been a disaster of some sort.

ashley said...

ugh, i can not handle days when there are no naps. we really just need that recharge time or we end up screeching and biting back... glad t was there to relieve you!

ashley said...

p.s. you are the most on the ball blog commenter i have ever met. ever.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

Oh that either makes me very lucky that you update your blog just as I check my google reader or very nerdy... Like I check it too much :) it's probably both.

Emily said...

I know.

Alicia said...

Ah...I remember the days when Zerrin started "weaning" himself from his daily naps. That was over a year ago. I was devastated! I wish I had handled it differently because now nap time is forever gone at our house (with rare exception). The crib net is a great idea. Don't let nap time be optional. Even if it's just "quiet time" make sure you both get some every day! Good luck, and hopefully it's just a (short) phase.