06 February 2009

dear holly,

apparently i inherited your old cell phone number upon purchasing my iPhone.

apparently you failed to notify all of your friends and family that you changed your phone number.

they are all very confused but i'm doing my best to talk them through it.

who and where are you?

you should give them all a call.


love always,



Natalie said...

Dear Michelle- We inherited your home phone number about 13 months ago and still the creditors are calling and sometimes assume I am you and get mad at me when I insist that I am not. I am so sorry because you seem to be in some kind of financial trouble, but would appreciate not getting any more of these calls. Take care, Natalie

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! my whole body is shaking with laughter and i'm trying to be quiet since ambrose is napping!!


poor poor michelle.

it's a hard knock life :)

In.A.Nutshell said...

SO hilarious!

i got random texts from someone one night and kept on insisting i was not the person whom they thought i was.

they didn't believe me.

i learned a lot about them that night.

liko said...

that's seriously annoying! i wonder if it is a conspiracy, to use up some minutes or something...nah, probably not. but i get calls asking for all people with various names. wrong number. and i've had this phone number for over 5 years!!!

sheila said...

My friends name is Kaleo.


He always seems to have some 13-16 year olds calling to talk.

Kaleo, stop giving out your old number and get some guts to give our your new one.

sheila said...

sorry, "OUT", not "OUR"

I've gatta start proofing things I type before I publish them.

Greene said...

my person is tara and she had a shopping problem and recently got a series of calls from her obgyn office. what is going on tara?

Roeckers said...

You must have AT&T!! They believe in recycling their #s the day they cut them off! My neighbour has had to request a new # three times now for her 10yrs phone. Bill collectors telling him to give them his daddy and to quit playing games with them, and all kinds of fun things. This last time she finally told the rep that it best be a new activation # cause she would cancel her service. SO far so good for her!!

Jessica F. said...

Too funny!

Ashley said...

Katie once had some one call telling her she needed to come pick up her kid from Juvenile Hall. Poor kid his mom gave the wrong number and ditched him.

bettyjh said...

What time do you open? What time do you close? Do you clean leather? Our phone number that we have had since 1993 is the same as a popular dry cleaner in our area. Our phone number begins 664, theirs is the same but begins with 663. Since many more people seem to have 664 numbers than 663, it is a common mistake in dialing. It is funny but most of the phone calls come on Sunday morning, so I just take it as a good sign that people are going to church.

boo face mcjones said...


never had this experience, but i'm enjoying reading everyone else's dealings.

i just realized that i commented on your old post, and you probably won't read it. too bad, so sad.

sarah marie. said...

apparently jason street will be on next week although i was hoping he was off the show because of how BORING his story line is. boo.

snbjork said...

Ha ha!

Frita Ragland is her name. Creditors, obgyn office, pediatricians office (for her neice) to set up appointments, men & women, young & old, you name it. I just got two calls for her this morning (I've told this particular woman countless times...over the last 18 months...that this is no longer Frita's number!

I feel your pain (and annoyance)!