13 December 2009

you're never alone

despite the enjoyment i feel being with my happy little family and the love i feel for them and living in hawaii, i've allowed myself to get really homesick for my friends and family on the mainland lately. last night we had the sister missionaries over for dinner, which is something we love to do. the sisters are so happy, and kind, and fun, and sincere and every time they come over we feel so much peace and joy and i always feel the spirit so strongly. it is similar to feelings i feel in the temple and we have missed being in the temple since it is under construction.

last night i was thinking that the sisters must feel so homesick too- so far away from their homelands and familiar friends and family, but they exude this happiness that is contagious and uplifting. i think i know why and this video i was watching this morning talks about why.

hope it finds you well today- happy sunday.


Melissa said...

this is awesome! I needed this so much. Thanks for posting it. I will most likely post it too, so my family can see it. I loved this.

Kaiya didn't end up asking about her candy at all, crazy huh?

liko said...

boo face mcjones said...

the video was wonderful, thanks for sharing.

just so you know, the mainland misses you too. thank goodness for these modes of communication that make me feel like i get to chat with you all the time!

laurel said...

best post title ever. thinking of you from across the world.

melissa marie said...

i really really like that video, too. of course it made me cry the first time i watched it so i'm not going to watch it now because i just put on my mascara.

love you, friendy.