14 December 2009

hypocrite mom

this morning i was trying to wake up before i got ready to go teach my class and so i checked my email and my dear friend melissa p. wrote me saying,

"first of all, did you read cjane today? go ahead and read it and then answer me this: do you feel like she read your blog or what? yikes.


and my first thought, was, "absolutely not. no way." because how many people know and love their family - obviously most of you who commented on this post of mine knew exactly who she was and even what post i was talking about before you could even find my link.

so, i went to my google reader, located her post: this is the one in case my link is not showing up yet again and sure enough the first little paragraph sounded in response to what i flippantly said.

but i still don't think she read my little blog and took so much offense that she decided to mention it in the openning of her post.

i hope not anyway.

and here is why: what do i tell my two year old at the playground every single day? be nice. it doesn't matter if he didn't mean it: be nice.

of course i also said in my post that she is always well written, that i read her everyday when i was appreciating the updates she gave us on her sister's life and children, that i like her and thought she was funny...etc. but what stands out? the self-important part. and that is not kind.

if you don't have something nice to say- don't say anything at all. right? :)

anyway, i am 100% sure that she didn't read what i said, but it still matters to be nice.

in 1998, one of my heroes Marjorie Hinckley said, "Let's be kind to one another and cheer each other on."

and i couldn't agree more. i've been trying to teach my son that so i am going to go and do the same thing. it matters what we say- even if we don't think the other person will read it and even if we say it flippantly. the end. :)


melissa marie said...

i hope i didn't make you feel bad! good christmas lesson, though. you're awesome. xxoom

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

no way friend YOU didn't make me feel bad at all! i would have read it on my google reader anyway and thought the same thing- haha!

it is indeed a good lesson in kindness for me regardless.

i was even nice to my students today. ;)

Anonymous said...

i don't know... i read your blog and her blog and when I read what she said, same exact wording that you used... glad it wasn't me ;).

rachel said...

don't let cjane (it's okay to think someone is annoying sometimes..I put eminem and bras on my blog) or anonymous make you feel bad. Don't worry! also, email me your address.......almostbelle@gmail.com........are you sure you don't want, 'in the library'?

Carrie said...

Wasn't that crazy!? I read it and though that is one crazy coincidence.

Anyway, I was definitely less nice with my own little comment. So thanks for the reminder. She does seem like a really nice person.

Carrie said...


Melissa said...

well...it's either a really big coincidence, or she actually read your blog post. Hmmm I wonder, how strange!

Don't you love awkward blog moments? :) haha! We all have em.

liko said...

the wonderful world of blogging.
i'm off to read her post...

diana palmer said...

mmmm, i kind of sort of think she reads your blog (welcome cjane!) i mean, i would if i were her. you're fabulous. beyond fabulous actually.

and i think this is a great reminder to just be nice. i have all sorts of ready made justifications for why its okay to say something unkind about another. but none of them are right.

it's me, fani said...

i like you. i think this is an awesome example of humility. and a good reminder, as previously stated, to just be nice.

it's so easy to be mean, and depressing, and complain. why? i'm sure my joys and compliments outweigh my sorrows and criticisms an easy 5 to 1 (yah, that statistic was totally made up on the spot, but you get my drift) so why is it that we find ourselves complaining and tearing one another down... so silly. so human.


and merry christmas. :)

Damaris said...

I loved this post. I've been thinking a lot about kindness lately. You are right, it is never a bad idea to be kind. never!

I am loving your blog and I love Cjane too. Both great writers.

echo said...

i think it takes a big person to admit that.
way to go steph.