19 April 2010

when something about sewing isn't quite your cup of tea

It's 9PM and I am listening to Thomas and his parents sanding and sawing away upstairs.... ahhhh the sweet sounds of progress! That bamboo floor is already looking so gorgeous and professional and they are doing it all by themselves! Talent!

The floor is a really big deal and means we are getting that much closer (HOORAY) to move in time, which made me feel a sense of panic that I have a 90x90 bedspread for our new room nagging at me to get a binding on it already.

It's, like, one of those projects for me.

The one that is calling your name every time you sit down with a bowl of ice cream in front of a movie, the one in the corner of your eye as you curl up with a good book, or the one you are thinking about as you buy yards and yards of fabric for other projects and get the nagging feeling that you should finish one project before starting another.....

Do you know what I am talking about?

Ugghh, binding. Yuck.

Do you have a project that's calling your name as you read this?

What is it?


.Ang. said...

I love the current song.

L O V E!!

That style is my first love. and Billie Holiday... "I love him!!"
ahahaha (name that movie)

But yes. I have several projects like this... Haunting me And several more in "{my}deas" book.

Currently off the top of my head... a quiet book for my kids, an embroidery that says "Have I done any good in the world today?" I'm thinking I might just leave it saying "have I done any good?" But I still need to embroider that pesky question mark. an ipod case and a laptop case for my sister, a camera strap, puppets for our puppet theater. ETC etc...

I'm gonna get to it one of these days!!!

a mermaid said...

clueless angie clueless! the movie, not you that is :)

ah! the pesky quiet book i have been "getting to" since ambrose was a twinkle in our eye.... haha


Melissa said...

I actually made a quite book once and it turned out "OK" but Kaiya didn't ever play with it and I was happy to check it off my list even though it wasn't as awesome as i had hoped. Maybe you should just go for mediocre like I do! haha then you will always be satisfied and able to complete anything.

But I have tons of stuff on my to do soon list too.

I really like the colors of your blanket. And I will say that I was kinda feeling like that with the binding for the baby quilt I just made, but once I started I was glad I did because it was fun (once again it is VERY mediocre--crappy is the right word for it)

I used the baby quilt tutorial on Kelly McCaleb's blog for the binding and it was really easy and straight forward. Especially the cutting part which I thought would be really hard.

But I might suggest after you cut and sew the binding together and pin it on, you have Ashley help with the corners (so hard for me). Then you won't have regret every time you look at it for not waiting for Ahsley to get home from vacation so that you could do your binding and actually have it look nice. Dang I still wish I had waited it haunts me :)

LeeYen said...

- revamping our papasan chair. Who knows how to get that buttoned down effect (without any buttons???)
- Create some sort of art wall with our wedding cards...2 yrs in the making. Haha.

-Putting our 72hr kits away (does this count?)


ashley said...

i was just thinking about that quilt, i want to see how your quilting turned out, cause i brought back a quilt top from california that i made 3 years ago and i really really need/want to get it done and i think i want to do it like you described you were going to do it. i guess that is my project like your binding right now. umm, you can bring it over late some night and we can work on it together if you want. for reals.

and when you move, you better plan on bringing your boys over here to play. i was thinking on saturday that i wished i could have taken them from you then so you could go work on the floor too (just what you wanted to do huh?). so when you move... you know the drill.

laurel said...

ALWAYS... to the question of do you ever have things like this that nag at you. Oh boy... I am so tired of this nagging but it's the reason I seldom get out enough on weekends because during the week I am exhausted but my things include: packing and mailing off boxes for my move home, laundry... always laundry, dishes, figuring out what art school I am going to go to and where I'm going to live after leaving Korea, planning my week and a half trip in Korea (ok, I know... I'm lucky I get to do that but logistics are not my fortay), meditation, exercise...

Jared Zane, Anna Christine and Delmer said...

Ha, yeah, I have like a million! I keep wanting to make something for Delmer, and I just haven't gotten around to it! Maybe this week!

Henke Family said...

I like binding. It is now my favorite part of quilting. It didn't used to be. Send it to me....I will finish it for you!
I like sitting down in front of the tv and whip-stitching the binding. It is one of the ONLY times I ever sit down and watch a movie. :) Or when we go on a long trip. I like to have a quilt that needs the binding finished so I can keep my fingers busy while traveling.
But I hear ya, I used to HATE binding. I have a little stash of quilt tops that need the binding done even still. I keep saying, "As soon as I put Junie down for a nap"...or "right after dinner I will work on that"....
Aahh....such is the life of a stay-at-home but rarely ever home mom. :)
Best of luck to you on your quilt!!!

TanuvasaCasa said...

Hey, remember not so long ago...ok, yeah, it was kind of long ago, we were in a sewing class and we made quilts. Well, I never quite finished mine. Wanna know my excuse? I never learned how to bind it! Wanna get together and bind??? I could kind of use your help...a lot.

lorieloo said...

but of course my dear. only about 4 are calling my name....blerg. but yes, binding. ugh.

also got my uber cute membership card yesterday. I'm still laughing over it. seriously. you're hilarious. and adorable.

Matti said...

Do I have a project? ? ? Gees, like a billion. For starters the sheet that is draped over my couch. I keep getting after Eden for wrapping up in it like it's a blankey, and then I have to re-drape. If it was a "real slip cover" she couldn't take it off with such ease. The fabric that is draped over my ottoman needs to be attached so Eden will quit taking it off to be used as a cape.
pillow slip-covers for the NEW SOFA ON MY LANAI!! I'm saying...come over people. My house is almost awesome these days. ;-)

Oh, and the "curtains" that were once upon a time a duvet cover, which are now in my living room windows...jagged edges and all. They could use a few finishing touches.

But, I am having a hard time committing, thus I have A LOT of unfinished projects.

Hahahaha Verification Word: iniver - As in I NIVER finish Anything.

Matti said...

You needed a baby-sitter to work on the house? CALL ME!!!! Fo reals...where is the love my friend? ;-) I'll take slobbery kisses anyday. I think I have prooved that. Need I again?

echo said...

oh man. so many unfinished projects. gideons baby blanket that i started before he was born and still have yet to finish cutting all the squares. um, the playhouse i did for the kids for easter. it is mostly done but it is kind of an on going project that i can add things to as i see fit. i have been wanting to do some selfish sewing for awhile. ya know, like something for me a dress or skirt. my little niece (june) had her 1st birthday back in march and i still need to sew up something for her and now that our bed in is our living room i want a really killer duvet for that so add that one to the list.
i could actually go on and on. i have a whole notebook full of projects to do. and then another on-line notebook of more things to do. the projects are never ending. and yet i still find myself procrastinating.

melissa marie said...

ha, i love what melissa said. i totally agree. go the mediocre route and you'll be surprised at how much you can get done. i'm very prolific that way.

buuut, seriously, i think you just described homework in your post. do me a favor and do NOT equate sewing with homework, it makes me sad. i think the binding will be like doing the dishes always is for me--not as big of a pain as i imagine it to be, and quicker, and more fulfilling.

it's a total awesome quilt.

ps i have one single project that i've been neglecting for over a year. but i'm not too worried. i'll get to it eventually.

lizzie said...

So, where did you get fabric that is 90 inches wide. I want to make a duvet cover but I can't find fabric wide enough in solid colors. I must be blind to not see any. Or did you just sew 45 in. fabric together? Do tell.

a mermaid said...

all of your projects are haunting me since I have so many of them on my to-do list as well! haha- but haunting me in a good way.

the binding even seems possible now. i like what boston and the two melissas said. like it a lot.

oh and someone else said something i liked too about it.... wait, anyway, what i meant to do was come here and tell LIZZIE

NO. no, i did not get 90inch wide fabric.


that would be awesome.

you guessed it. i sewed the two 45-ers together and it wasn't as perfect as i had hoped because when we hand stitched the stripes- i turned it over and saw that the two pieces MUST have been a little off since the three stripes i added to the black back had stitches going across them in a crazy uneven way.

boo. first major flaw. NOW ON TO THE BINDING!!! haha

Bille said...

Totally embarrassing but my project is thank you cards from Nico's baby shower. Plus a million other sewing projects that are cut out and waiting to be sewn.

Henke Family said...

Just thought of something for ya---
Go to crazymomquilts.blogspot and look for her binding tutorial....it will help you a lot.

sheila said...

oh yes. there are a few. They always get pushed to the next to-do list of the month.

I finally finished a quiet book for Kai last week so I feel good about myself. But others on the list: a hula skirt for her, other dresses I have cut out but not yet sewn together, toys, blah blah blah.

I feel ya.

exciting about the floor too! bamboo! it sounds pretty.

boo face mcjones said...

groan -- finishing projects. the worst. why can't finishing be as exciting as starting or dreaming of projects?!? to me, "finishing" a project usually means that i acknowledge that it didn't turn out as well as i had hoped.

le sigh.

supposedly i am making my bridesmaid dress (or am i technically a matron now that i am old and married and have post-baby belly?) for libby's wedding. let's all hope and pray for a miracle there since i haven't even picked out a pattern yet.

maybe i could just wear your quilt? no binding required! two birds with one stone!

Patria said...

ok, never made a quilt before, but let's talk about the awesomeness that is your sewing society. that invite was about the best thing i've read all month for sure. how witty was that!? i laughed out loud. love it. i'm sure i'll be the one who "slips through the cracks entirely," but i am so happy to be included (:

liko said...

heehee. i think 'unfinished' is synonymous with sewing projects for moms of younguns. i am excited to see your finished product, and i honestly think you will come to like binding once you get started.
as for unfinished projects -- i have something rolled up and partially sewn strewn in the corner of my room atop those cardboard cutting board things...a table runner for my mom in honor of mothers day. hoping i can get it done and mailed to her in time.
and i am recalling the days of my dad on his knees (atop kneepads) doing the flooring of our old house by himself. and the sound of the saw. oh yes, almost done!! exciting!!

kate said...

Yes of course! Except for instead of ONE project like that I must have at least twenty.

First, I bought 4 fabrics the other day for new summer tops, so those are nagging on me, I bought fabric and already failed once on a pair of thai fisherman pants I am making, so that project just feels so daunting to even attempt again... plus this isn't exactly sewing but I have make an upholstered headboard thing... but I have to sand and paint the edges first, and that is VERY much so nagging on me...

k, yay for sewing talk!

Roeckers said...

My goal was to craft myself do death to finish all the little projects around so maybe in May I can focus on quilting Raineys quilt I cut out before he was born, then pieced teh top when we first moved here. The only thing holding me back is piecing the back and finding someone to quilt it for me (I spent 3+yrs making it it is going to look professional when i am done!!).

Brady and Rachel said...

I have two baby hats I HAVE to crochet for a friend's upcoming neice and a couple headbands as well. They sit in a bag next to a chair in our livingroom calling my name when I sit down too, and its even something I can do while I watch a movie, I just want to sit and hold my bowl of ice cream though. :)