15 April 2010

i'm just wondering

If you go to awesome 80s baby showers too?

No? Guess you better get cooler friends.....

If you ate five brownie bites for breakfast?
(not pictured, cuz they're gone......)
No? Guess you're a real adult. Good job.

If you got your membership card yet?
If not, give it a few more days... and then if not again tell me. I'm not always as organized as I pretend to be.

If your son is now at the stage where he wants to go to Happy School all by himself so badly that he made you wait nervously at the very bottom of the driveway, squinting your glassesless eyes to make sure he made it in the door safely "ALL BY HIMSELF!!!!"?

Yes, you've been there!
Isn't it a nerve-racking, but proud little stage all at the same time?
(When I got into first grade I used to cry to my mom, "Why can't you work like all the other moms so I can go to daycare with my friends?!?!?!" and make her wait around the corner from my school so I could pretend I was walking home alone..... I'm sorry Mom. Thanks for keeping me.)

If you are also deciding to take the rest of your week at an unapologetic contractors pace?
You've never had the privilege of working with one so you aren't sure how to do it?
Well, why don't you try weaving the general attitude into your everyday life.... like, take six weeks to make dinner for your family, go missing for several days somewhere in there so they start wondering if perhaps you are now cooking for other families, and then come back and be really friendly and charming so they can't hold it against you and so they then look like the unreasonable ones for being so starving that whole excruciating time........


Was that a rant?


Happy Thursday y'all!!


rachel said...

1. No, I wish. 2. What the OMG!!??? The answer is yes! I ate 5 brownie bites for breakfast today too! And they weren't just any brownie bites,they were half chocolate chip cookie/half brownie bites! Store bought and delicious!
3. No.
4. No, he's not at that stage yet.

I'm just wondering: Did you finish a whole entire British Lit class through BYU Independent study in less than 24 hours and skip last nigiht's sleep?

melissa marie said...


sheila said...

I guess I need a few more cooler friends. that party looks fun.

and I'd eat brownie bites for EVERY meal if I had them.

-I feel you on the contractor. One of my aunties remodeled her home and it took them 3 THREE years to complete it. In the end though, the contractor lost his license and had to pay for a lot of the remodeling. Hopefully yours will be faster.

liko said...

ha! to the last one!! i know, sooo not funny, but it really made me laugh. in due time, dear...hang in there. it'll all be worth it in the end!!
and man, why do kids have to grow up and get all independent on us?!

melissa marie said...

i'm back. that 80s shower brought me back to say--are you kidding me!!! i'm really nervous that someone here is going to try to throw me a baby shower because they feel bad for me, and it's going to be miserable and full of older ladies i don't know and really embarrassing. i hope hope hope it doesn't happen. i have no hope for an awesome shower like this one, though! you guys are so cool!

boo face mcjones said...

this post was generally awesome, but the song sealed (get it?) the deal for me.

Lindsey said...

Got my card...I am an official member now!

And that party looks like so much fun that I am totally doing that for my next baby shower.

And I don't eat brownie bites for breakfast, that's just crazy. I prefer oreos with milk...it's kind of like cereal, right?

Jared Zane, Anna Christine and Delmer said...

Fun! Stephanie you look super skinny!

Erin said...

HA! Yes, i am the wife of the brother. hahaa. i'm a little harsh with my editing. ha. I can't help it. ned taught me well.

and he told me that story about you calling him a flake. haha.

he said you are the coolest teacher ever! :)

Tara said...

congrats on your new job!! and i am jealous of the brownie bites.

have you ever gotten in your car to move it across the street and realized that you were glassesless and contactless? yea.

Emily said...

So proud to be a member of a society that has no expectations! What a breath of fresh air you are. I love you. and I'm really looking forward to watching YOU sew. hehe. Just kidding. no i'm not.

iMaLLheaRt said...

I need cooler friends. That looked super fun.
and i wish I had some brownie bites right about now...
Good luck with the construction!

(my word verification word is comet! How cool is that?!)

Mariko said...

I wish I had had 5 brownie bites for breakfast.
I can't remember why I didn't go to that shower. Other than the fact that I have no 80s clothes but wish I did... Something about a meeting or lame something or other that obviously wasn't very memorable. Dang. I think it also may have been something about the planets not aligning because we always seem to miss each other. Probably because there would be too much coolness in the same place.

Melissa said...

Im loving the 80's gettups! You guys would have rocked the 80's (as adults)

darcie said...

i think the fact that you ate brownie bites shows you're an adult and you can choose that. no kids are eating brownie bites for breakfast. well except for kjell who had a cupcake today because he was being so nice.