21 April 2010

their lives in fake polaroid

Finishing the floor takes priority over fixing the computer - oh yes it does! They have been working so so hard on that floor!! Good job you guys!

So this update is brought to you by iPhone fake polaroid.

Asher loves lids these days. Lids and lids and lids.

And as for Ambrose boy?

according to the pictures I've been taking he's really into sleeping in weird positions lately:

but truthfully I think I just have a slight obsession with taking photos of my kids as they sleep:

It's just so precious. And quiet. :)

And if MAGICALLY you get a little shut-eye in yourself? Heaven. Hardly happens. This might have been the third time we all napped at the same time. If that.

Anyway, this isn't an accurate representation of what we have been up to, but it'll do.

Oh wait, Asher wants to give you something:Mwah! Have a great day!


Maylin said...

True dat how precious they are when sleeping! It's my favorite to go peek on them at nite before I go to bed--makes me want to get up and do it all again the next day.

Bitty said...

I don't blame you those sleeping pictures are pretty cute.

betsy said...

sleeping kid pictures are seriously the best! we have many ourselves. just don't take any of me right?
and i love the use of the cars couch. ambrose, i know how comfortable it is.

Melissa said...

Ambrose has some awesome sleeping positions! i like your kids, they are cute. :)

Henke Family said...

Fun about finishing the flooring! That is one of my favorite parts of building because it means you are getting so close and because the kiddos can actually crawl around the place without getting filthy and looking like little rag-a-muffins.

liko said...

sleeping kids - some of my favorite photo subjects!! they are angels when they're asleep!
you got some cute boys, there. miss them and you!