15 May 2010


We have been cleaning out a lot of old boxes and I found this poem that Thomas wrote when we all looked and acted like this:

I had no idea where it was for at least a year or two and when I spotted a corner of it in an old drawer I instantly knew what it was and snatched it up like a pirate stumbling upon treasure! He doesn't write much, which is annoying because he is a better writer than me and nice because ... well he is a better writer than me dang it! It's annoying when someone is good at EVERYTHING. ;)

Love you Thomas. Thanks for documenting the everyday and simple sweetness of the most life-changing time in our young lives.

The Time Between Sleep

He fell asleep with a whimper and a long yawn
So I drive us home the long way
Lets see our new home, the one we are wishing for
Which one do you like?
Them all

He woke up laughing at a joke he dreamt
It must have been a good one
He is letting us get to know him
He is invested in this relationship
So in the morning he talks to us with his eyes and eyebrows
And with his little voice

Tonight I'll take your picture
And I'll see you as a mother
I'll try to capture something I can't see
The braid of our breath
Yours, the little one, and mine
Will twist and turn
And with thoughts like these
As crisp as the salt on my lenses
A new rope is being spun

Fell asleep laughing at our old selves
We thought we knew everything back then
Because we could see the light around the bend
How funny we were

Woke up in a thick darkness
The moon sunk past the mountains long ago
Leaving us with our own imaginations
Heard the boy's breath in the stillness
As he stirs against the crib sheet
He, She, I all murmur in our sleep
A family trait we tell each other about in the mornings
I say you were talking in your sleep
She says, so were you


Melissa said...

he is a good writer! love this!

echo said...

loved it!

laurel said...

wow. This wasn't just a poem, it was a whole feeling of softness and tenderness and fondness that even I, a simple outsider, felt!! I talk in my sleep too. And now I'm off to bed to speak some more...

Henke Family said...

that poem is beautiful!

liko said...

loveliness!! and i thought that was asher in that photo!!
love the reference of the three of you being braided into a rope, the beginning of your family. so great!!!

modestmuse said...

Oh, now I'M going to cry! So beautiful and I know a lot of those feelings. I have to go to work in a couple hours. First day back, I'm going to miss my baby!

boo face mcjones said...

he really is a gifted writer. this is so lovely. i want to keep it and pretend it is mine.

Robbie said...

What a sweet poem. Thanks for sharing something so special to you. :)