23 September 2010


When I'm browsing Thomas' flickr page I see images like this and wonder how a single picture can capture a distinct feeling or a distant memory and probably be different for everyone who sees it.

When I look at this I hear an old song,
I think of a few novels I read as a child,
I want to wear dress-up clothes,
and get my dearest friends together,
the easy to be around, truest, bluest,
and have wide-eyed, messy haired adventures and

Art is a powerful and personal thing.


liko said...


sheila said...

I saw that one!!! while browsing. Looks like a scene from an enchanted story where they transfer into some magical place (like lion/witch/wardrobe).
at least that's how I see it.
either way. It's awesome.

Mariko said...

The poem makes me feel that way, too. :)

boo face mcjones said...

You had better believe that this photo makes me think of all kinds of Lord of the Rings nerdy things.

Absolutely brilliant.

Rach said...

I like the poem too. ALTHOUGH my favorite part is the "bluest" part...hahahhahahhah You know!! and not the whitest friends!! hahahahha

laurel said...

:D I really like (and admire) you! and... these words, and thoughts and sentiments and... that picture! Muah! (not meant to be read like MUAH HA HA... much sweeter...)

Oscarson Photography said...

That is a truly amazing photograph.

melissa marie said...

i want to go to there.

Melissa said...

oooh a tunnel of trees, its beautiful.