31 January 2011

I love this face

And that face is taking me on a date this week. A real live date! We aren't the date night types.

Actually, we are the every night's a date night when you put your kids to bed at 6:30pm and have an endless stream of Netflix, Hulu, creative projects, and inside jokes types.

So that's neat.

One more thing about that face I love so much.

He organized, and I mean super-organized, our entire kitchen this Saturday and it's brilliant! I like things clean, but he's tidy. You know what I mean?

Right now our kids are playing with a "new" batch of toys like it's Christmas morning because that face organized their toys into categories and divided them amongst three large bins when we first moved in. Every 3-4 months the bins get rotated and so every 3-4 months ta-da! Christmas.

Good job face.


The Prigmore Family said...

Send that face on over to organize my house! Love the toy bin idea. Way to go thomas!

liko said...

so rad.

and i feel you, we aren't the weekly date types either (but sometimes i wish we were!)...have fun!!!

and it was nice getting a glimpse of you this morning!

Melissa said...

haha! good job face.

laurel said...

rotating toys! Totally Montessori- I love it! It's a brilliant idea if you ask me.