28 June 2011

I'll spare you

I'll spare you a whiny post about:

-how my kids were both magically sick the day of their "well-child" annual check-ups
-how Asher "tossed his cookies" ALL OVER the waiting room at the doctors office
-how I was so shocked I just tried to catch it in my hands (???) and so a passerby cleaned him up until I could come to
-how Ambrose was amused and chipper the whole three-hour fiasco of a visit until the very end when he had to get a TB shot, two vaccinations in his right thigh and one in his left annnnnd
-how I had to hold him and his arms down for all of it while he foamed at the mouth and thrashed like an angry shark
-how he yelled, "I DO NOT LIKE YOU ANYMORE AUNTY WHO LIVES AT THE DOCTORS OFFICE!" to the poor nurse after
-how Asher climbed up on the chair behind me and clung to my back sobbing while all this was going on
-how I bribed them both with large amounts of candy that I had to deliver on after even if one had puked and the other didn't deserve so much as a lick
-how Asher cried for his shirt the entire time, which obviously was collateral damage of the whole catastrophe
-how once they both silently ate their candies at the pharmacy they were totally fine

Yeah, I'll spare you a post about all that.


star said...

Oh my! What a tale you have to tell! Surviving moments like that make you realize that we can handle just about anything as moms. You're AMAZING!

By the way, your stay-cation looks incredibly fun! Our vacation this year is 2 week family reunion with 20ish people in Jeff's parent's house. I think I'll need a stay-cation after surviving that!

echo said...

wow. sorry. last time i was there gideon threw up all over the pharmacy floor. the pharmacist handed me a basket with holes in it to try to catch it. not sure why, it just came dripping out the holes. i do feel your pain.
when ambi is feeling better send him over here to play.

Christina said...

Holy moly- I'm sorry you had such a rough day.

This made me laugh SO hard: "I DO NOT LIKE YOU ANYMORE AUNTY WHO LIVES AT THE DOCTORS OFFICE!" Only in Hawaii.....

Karina said...

ha ha! that cheered me up nicely (after fighting with Becca for an hour to get her to take a nap) - thanks for not sparing me. :)

kimball said...

The telling of it is hilarious but it does remind me of a time when Betty had gallons of vomit on the front of a turtleneck sweater that we tried to clean up while driving through Mojave before the freeway bypassed it. I don't know what caused my PTSD, the vomit episode or having to drive through Mojave before the freeway bypass came. Anyway.

liko said...

okay, it sounds like a miserable time at the doc's office, but i must say that amby saying he didn't like the aunty who lives at the doctors anymore is the best line ever!!!

hope you all recover quick!!!

and if i was there and available i totally would've helped any way i could!

Becky said...

I read this one to Chase, LOL.