27 June 2011

Society Service!

Calling all society sisters!

Kahuku hospital needs our help!

They are in dire need of lap quilts for their long-term care patients. My ward has the goal to provide at least 12 of them for the hospital and I told them we would help!

No pressure if you can't, but if you can they are asking for "cheerful" fabric quilts. You don't even have to make it super complicated and fancy, but the dimensions of the top and bottom need to be 3 feet by 3 feet when the quilt is completed and that can just be as simple as a 3' x 3' piece of fabric for top and bottom.

I'm thinking about doing large squares for my top and one big piece for the bottom.

This would be a great way to
1. get your feet wet if you have never attempted quilt piecing before
2. use those scraps you have no idea what to do with
3. use your talents to help someone in need

If you have batting and want to finish the quilt that is great, but if you just want to create the top and bottom and drop that off or mail it to me make sure I get it by July 5th since the ladies will be putting batting in all the quilts and quilting them together the night of the 6th.

So anyone in? Please? :)

Email me if you live far away at stephaniexrobertson(at)gmail(dot)com if you need my mailing address! Or if you live around here, just drop off your cheery print 3'x3' top and bottom or finished quilt as soon as you can!

Hooray for the very first My Cup of Tea Sewing Society service project! Let's do this!



Jayne said...

What about a quilt night? I used to do those with friends where we all brought our machines, a couple irons and then we pieced the night away.

stephanie joy said...

We are going to do a craft night on July 15th so please come to that, but I am afraid I don't have a lot of free evenings in between now and the 6th!

Anyone else who wants to quilt together for this though by all means do it! So fun!!!

melissa said...

i love that! i'll try to send you one asap, but it might just be the top and bottom without batting.

stephanie joy said...

That's perfect and will ship easier as well! I don't currently have any batting and dont know when I will make it to the store, so I will be most like giving them a top and bottom as well!

Cammie said...

I'd love to make one! I have some precut aloha fabric and a nice yellow that I've been itching to use. Will you email me your address and I'll mail it by Thursday!

stephanie joy said...

Hooray Cammie! I will email it to you right now.


Matti said...

just a thought, if you want to make it a little thicker, but not mess with batting, just sew some fleece (like a baby blanket type stuff) in the middle. Just a thought. I'll get something over to ya Steph! Great idea.