15 September 2011

Backhanded compliment?

I don't usually post actual experiences from work because it doesn't seem professional, but this is too funny. I had to share.

Yesterday was the first day of the semester and I had to wait outside of my first classroom while the previous class finished up.

I stood in the hallway unnoticed by the students that started to congregate and wait as well. They all wore first day of school outfits and stood uncomfortably exchanging names and introductions. I kept a little away from them and avoided eye contact because, as a rule, I try to separate myself as the teacher and be the strictest version of myself on the first day.

Eventually I noticed a girl right beside me and in the interest of not seeming like a complete snob I gave her a little smile nod. She was clearly nervous and quickly admitted, "Oh man, I do not want to take this class at all."

"Oh?" I said, uncertain of how to procede from here since she had no idea who I was and was obviously looking for commiseration. "Yeah, English can be really tough, but we'll try and make it fun......"

Confusion scrunched up all over her face. She hadn't put it together yet so I awkwardly stumbled on, "I mean, man, if I was standing in front of a math class, for instance, right now... I would be sweating bullets! Because..."

"Wait, what's your name?" It quickly and painfully began to dawn on her.

"Sister Robertson," I admitted in relief and embarrassment at the same time.

"OH! Well, then I am SO EXCITED to take this class!" she joked in a panicked tone. "I was just thinking, that girl looks way too old to be taking this class," she blurted out before she could stop herself.

I am dying laughing right about now.

"Way too old huh?" I say a little too loudly. "What's your name?"


"Well, *Marie*, you are off to a fantastic start!" I laughed as the class before us finally filed out and I left poor *Marie* to work-out the delightfulness of what just occurred.



I'm still in my 20s you know. And I will be for like 3 more years. Wait, that's like a decade older than good old *Marie*.

Oh well, the class went on as it always does and *Marie* turned out to be quite the lovely girl. People just say the most awesome stuff when they are nervous. I chuckled about it for the rest of the evening.

*- names have been changed to protect the innocent.... or name that is.

Here, every post needs a picture but in the interest of protecting *Marie's* privacy here's a picture of what Amy Winehouse would look like had she ever been pregnant. What? You never go to baby showers where the theme is pregnant celebrities? That's weird. She was 27 too. I will always love her. The end.


Natalie said...

Oh my goodness I could just feel the awkwardness for "marie" as the post went on- like I was her or something. Too funny! Don't worry I still think you are VERY young. :)

melissa said...

it doesn't feel any better (but is just as funny) when the young women you are called to serve think you're just a new girl. be-lieve me.

kimball said...

Amy ain't got nothing over you.

Taylor said...

i loved every bit of this. it's frightening to think that it's been almost 10 years since we graduated high school, isn't it?

Ashley said...

Oh poor Marie, I feel bad for her. You know she was probably just trying to start a conversation with you and actually loves English!

star said...

Reminds me of when my dad asked Brother Hancock what is major was.

Also reminds me when I was working as a librarian, kids were always trying to guess my age. I asked one of my seniors, what was they oldest they thought I could be.The response was 37 or something like that. Really kids? I was 23 at the time.

Megan and Keli'i said...

That's just awesome. I am dying right now.

And for the record, you look like a baby. Like a teenager. A hot one at that. Especially dressed as a pregnant Amy Winehouse.

Nate and Julie said...

Love that story! But I think I love the picture even more!

Rhitzclan said...

Oh man- that was hilarious! Thanks for the good laugh... and I love that you put that pic right here :)

Melissa said...

haha kids are stuuuupid sometimes! good thing you are all powerful and can give her whatever grade you want... ;)

echo said...

that was awesome! poor *marie*

liko said...

i've worked on some college and high school "kids" and it's funny because i was talking about hurricane iwa - which hit the year i was born (1981) and the boy i was working on, who goes to byu, said,"you were ALIVE in 1981!?"
made me feel oh so old.
you aren't thirty yet so you are not old. and in no way do you look "OLD" - whatever that looks like...
but i guess it's a good thing they think i'm younger than i am...because when they find out my age they don't believe me.
let's hope it stays that way for years to come!!
and you are smokin' hot, woman.

Sheila... said...

how awkward. you handled it well though.
you, pregnant amy, you.

B said...

I like that. Poor Marie*

Kristen said...

awesome. totally. and no worries, you look hot.