17 September 2011

The great Halloween debate

I love Halloween so much that I buy several decorations for it every year... we have quite the collection going. Just one or two little things every year... it's adding up nicely. I love to dress up and I love making the kids costumes and I love bugging Thomas about how he hates to dress up. It's all part of our Halloween ritual around here. In the past Ambrose has had some input as to what his costume will be, but mostly I have had the final say... making my job that much easier since I mostly make all his costumes. We pick something and stick with it long enough to find and buy or make whatever we need.

This year is different.

He has my zest for holidays and all the attention span of.... an excited four year old boy I guess.

For a few months I have been dilligently trying to convince him he was born to be Peter Pan for Halloween. Think of it friends!

Ambrose=Peter Pan
Asher=Michael (can't you just see him in pink footie pjs carrying around his bear!)
Thomas=JOHN! hahahaha (It would surely take some convincing to get him in a big, white night-dress, but he looks just like him! Glasses and all!)

Ambrose would entertain the idea for a bit and then change his mind... much to the relief of the would-be-John.

Here are just a few of the MANY costume suggestions he has made so far this year:
Woody, and I jumped all over this! Ash could be Buzz (his favorite) and I could be Jessie and Thomas... army guy I guess... least embarrassing Toy Story costume and let's face it, he would just wear his army shorts he's had as long as I've known him with a t-shirt.

Then he firmly settled on ANDY.

Andy from Toy Story? So..... jeans and a t-shirt and a red hat.... surely everyone would know exactly who he was. A part of me was like, "Psst, take the bait Robertson, easiest costume of all time!" and I nearly did, but the other part of me slapped my face and was like, "Get it together Robertson! This is Halloween we're talking about here!"
And then there was the whole day he insisted he was going to be a ROCKSTAR! I could live with that, but how exactly would we pull that off? There's so many different types:
The stereotypical Slash prototype?

Please no.
Let's take it more wholesome, like Ben Gibbard?

Again, kinda like Andy... not really a costume.
More iconic Kurt Cobain?

Oh yeah, Melissa and Nate were Kurt and Courtney one year and she said no one knew who they were.
He could borrow our glasses for a night and pull off a convincing Rivers Cuomo:

Nah, no matter how you slice it rockstars aren't that recognizable in costume... unless I just send him shirtless and draw some tattoos on him with sharpie

...not for my baby boy. He needs a more Upstanding look....

heh heh... ok, rockstar. No.
So, then he settled on a horse. Echo, do you think he heard us talking yesterday? How random that he would all of a sudden say that this morning.

I'll leave such costumes to way better seamstresses than I. I steered him (pun intended?) away from livestock.
Oh yeah, then he wanted to be Wall-E.

I think I could find a cardboard box and figure something out.
In the end his latest pick is Ironman.

He's been excited about it and it might stick. So.... is this my easy out? An ugly, cheap Walmart costume?

It really doesn't matter when you come right down to it as long as the boy can easily get around and have fun memories. But if I am making it I want to start soon and if I am buying his costume, I also need to start soon... Hawaii is nuts people. Shelves are bare a few weeks into October.

I kind of want to make costumes for my kids because that's a fun mom thing to do and my mom did it... but the boy, for now, has settled on something I refuse to make when Walmart already has it in every size....

What do you do for Halloween? Are you as psycho as me? Do you treat it like a Project Runway challenge or is it just Walmart or bust?


TanuvasaCasa said...

hahahaha....this is SO us! I try my best to sway them each year and so far so good. We've been a family of pirates, spooky things like witches and bat, jedi, and on year we were all ELVIS! I'm the same way, I love to make my kids costumes. This year I just don't know though, being far away from my sewing machine...it might just be walmart for us. i keep telling myself, get over it, this is supposed to be a KID'S holiday...still not convinced.

iMaLLheaRt said...

I like Halloween for the candy and the love of orange! Costumes for me were always "what do I have in my closet/house that I can make into a costume?". Now I rummage in my MIL's costume stash since she has costumes of all sizes since she'd done and will do more Halloweens. I'm not into "making" costumes sonce I don't have fabric nor the advanced skills needed to sew up a costume.

Plus, let's face it, I'm cheap! LOL ;P

Christina said...

It's SO the age! My son did the exact same thing going back and forth and coming up with all kinds of ideas. I like to make the kids costumes but adding up the time and money to make 3 when we have some that already fit the younger boys just didn't make sense. Long story short I ended up at a second hand shop and found the perfect costumes for all 3 boys. I came home and let them try it on and they were all sold on it. Now to try and convince my hubby to dress up....

snbjork said...

Definitely Wal-Mart or bust. The kids wear their costumes all year long as dress-ups, too, so it's worth $10. I don't sew. Like, I don't even know how to sew on a button. And, the most dressed up you'll ever see me for the big H is an orange t-shirt with a candy corn or ghost on it. I like the candy, though!

Mibi and Lee said...

SO don't kill me but im SO NOT into halloween...Im not exactly sure why??? Maybe its all the screaming and scary noise that I can hear every night for a month coming from HAunted Lagoon? Regardless, reading your post made me think about possibly exploring hte positive side of Halloween. SOOOOOOO...if you would like to try and bring me to the dark side, I am your willing pupil;P PS...you SO have to make Thomas Little JOhn!!!!!!

sheila said...

You know I'm all about th Halloween too. it's like a kickoff to the holiday season. I was just "pinning" today some ideas for costumes. Let's have a craft night in sewing Peter pan costumes because that's what we decided on! a little different- just tink, Peter pan, tigerlilly and captn hook. Anyways..... let's have a party!! Oh and I'll be sewing this year. Gatta start early.

Smiths said...

My kids definitely bring out some halloween excitement I didn't know I had in me. They are more like you, thinking that the middle of September (or a few times a month all year) is a good time to decide. I usually wait until at least the beginning of October. I've tried the homemade thing, and the store bought. I think it depends on what they pick, and how early. and how recently I had a baby :) You're getting me excited!

**word verification: chablam. I love it. I think i'll start using it in conversation.

lizzie said...

Project Runway or nothing in our house. But you already knew that. The plans are a-brewin'and let's hope we can find the materials soon!

echo said...

he and adelaide could be horses together. they would probably love it.

Lindsey said...

I love making costumes for my kids! I was really excited when Sarah told me she wanted to be a Pink Mermaid Princess and I got on Pinterest right away and started finding ideas on how to make a mermaid costume. Then, the other day, we were walking through Costco and I found a Pink Mermaid Princess costume! CRAZY! It was a mermaid costume with a bow, necklace, and princess cape thing...unbelievable! And it was only $14.99! So I totally bought it and we are ready for Halloween and even though I love the idea of making her costume, I am so relieved that I don't have to.

I saw your mom and dad at Stake Conference today! It was so good to see them! I love your parents!