18 September 2011

This week on Instagram

Thomas made all my Snapware dreams come true and brought this home one day.

I was more excited than a 2011 woman should ever be. I've used just about the whole set already. I'll save anything in a container, big or teeny tiny, in the fridge now. Anything.

I find Ambrose's paper creations laying around the house all the time.

Crafty little spaceman.

I like being on campus.

This photo was taken moments before the fateful *Marie* encounter!

Drum Saturdays have returned:

and apparently you need just the right stick

to make an unholy amount of noise. Drum Saturdays are short and everyone suffers ear damage as a result. But it's fun.

In case you are wondering The Lion King 3D is awesome.

And I had a pretty delightful little date along with me. I really just had children to have an excuse to go to things like this.

Thomas and I snuck away Saturday night and ate one of the best meals I've had in a while.

12th Ave Grill in Kaimuki, you did not disappoint. If you ever need a restaurant recommendation, talk to my pal Mariko and she will HOOK YOU UP.

And then Asher magically started saying words that made sense and he was like, "Hey Mama, you didn't take me on a date last Saturday!"

And I was all, "You're right little buddy, let's work on that for next weekend. Sky's the limit." And then he said, "Dish." Or something like that.

My mother-in-law is inarguably the most patient woman on the planet and will always make all manner of tents and forts with the boys at the drop of a hat.

And they love it. I officially want to be more fun with my children when I look at this photo. You too?

And now we're all fed, washed, dried, brushed, sang to and prayed for.

And ready for a new week of adventures!


liko said...

hahaha!! you quoting asher made me laugh out loud!!!

i admire mariko. i need to talk to her more often.

hopefully i see you soon because i really am feeling the lack of you wonderful peeps in my life!!

liko said...

oh, and i'm a snapware fan myself and i don't mean to burst your bubble or anything, but washing them's a pain.
either that or i'm just lazy.
but they are good for storing and are spill-proof so very worth it.

melissa said...

i've been liking your instagram lately. sadly mine's not working for some reason. really lame!

melissa said...

oooh thanks, steph that's exactly what's been happening. i'm trying your remedy as we speak.

Sheila... said...

after seeing your instagram/snapware pic I saw them in costco today. Made me think of you and smile.
Your boys are getting big. really.

Mariko said...

Glad you liked it. We must go to the tapas bar. Soon.

I love the snapware too. I got the glass set and the thing I love most is that it doesn't get smelly, because, um, I sometimes don't wash it right away. I won't tell you how long that is, though.

Mariko said...

Oh, and the paper creation is wonderful. I need some art lessons.