14 September 2011

We like.

Asher likes to be my baby. He seems to understand that his baby days are slipping further and further away and so he lets me carry him everywhere when we run errands.... as if he can't walk. And he lets me refuse to even pretent to potty train him until he's at least three.... even though he has an enthusiastic interest in it. And he lets me rock him and snuggle up basically whenever I want... even though he is not an infant.... he gets it. He fills my baby need. Precious little baby.

He also likes to drink milk night and day. Don't worry people, it's cows milk. I am not nursing a big two year old baby, but he honestly drinks more milk than he eats food. Asher, you're not really a baby. You can eat other things. Now you know.

Ambrose likes Black Sabbath.

HA! No, not really. But, yeah, kinda.

We were driving home from preschool, listening to the classic rock station when a Black Sabbath song came on and a few bars in I got bored and changed the channel just as Ambrose screamed, "I love that song! Turn it back Mom! I love that song! Who is it?" Me: "Black Sabbath." (I was surprised I somehow knew that.) Ambrose: "Yeah, Black Sabbath, I LOVE IT!!!!"

We're so proud.

Anyway, Ambrose also loves to say, "Oh, look at those bad people smoking and hurting their bodies and making Heavenly Father so sad!" Right in front of unassuming smokers we happen to walk by at a store, park, wherever.... so he is a self-righteous Black Sabbath lover. Interesting combo.

4 is a great age.

Ambrose has been craftier than usual lately. As soon as I can find all the pictures of his latest crafts I want to post them. He cracks me up.

Thomas likes modeling.

Ok, that claim was misleading again.

He likes that I am learning to use his fancy camera once and for all and so he puts up with me sneaking up while he is playing guitar to work on the lighting. A good friend has asked me to take pictures of her new baby when she gives birth so I have been trying to get better at all kinds of indoor lighting with the big, intimidating flash and whatnot. It is fun and I am glad for the chance to get better at it.

Thomas and I have actually enjoyed being major homebodies lately. We are always pretty low-key like that, but more than ever we have just soaked up our evenings together when the boys go to bed. It's nice to hang-out with the person you love.

I like that today is the first day of Fall semester because I feel refreshed from intense First term and ready to go back to my old, short schedule. Two classes, one hour each, in the evening when Thomas is already home, in and out and done! Feels good to be back in the swing of things.

I hope you liked reading this. If not, I am, like, sorry. The end.


modestmuse said...

I love the mood of the photo of Thomas playing the guitar. I feel like we're all hanging out late, talking, listening, timeless. Ah! Can't wait to visit again one day. I also am jealous of your snuggle-baby Asher. Any time I try to snuggle Nile she protests, pushes me away, and if I persist, will eventually scream. Haha, you know I persist.

echo said...

classic rock? ambrose belongs with me. HA HA.
i hope you are ok with having me call you at any point in time night or day to take pictures. you are a good friend.

Kahilau said...

I loved reading that! Welcome back!

Ashley said...

Cute Boys! Who doesn't like Black Sabbath? I love Asher baby and want to cuddle him too.

melissa said...

ha. at least you know ambrose is paying attention is primary/family home evening etc.

star said...

I liked reading this very much. I like you very much too.

kimball said...

Ozzie was cool in the early 70's.

ashley said...

i like, loved this post. totally laughed out loud when amby talked about the people hurting thier bodies. ivy does that too and it makes me laugh so hard! my favorite.

Henke Family said...

loved reading this!

liko said...

thanks for making me laugh.
cow's milk - thanks for clarifying...
and mr. ambrose - what a guy.