13 September 2011

Last week-ish on Instagram

Peachy keen.

Balloon igloo.

Baby haoles.

I think I could live there. I'm good at befriending wild dogs and building primitive tools to skewer my own meat.

My main cure for the mean reds.


Cassie's mobile I want to copy someday.

Aloha Friday.


shields family said...

love it!!

boo face mcjones said...

Holy cow. I've missed approximately seven million blog posts of yours. Where have I been??? Couldn't tell you. But I'm glad you are still using Instagram because I miss you on Facebook and am apparently too lazy to blog. It lets me get my daily Steph fix.

Also, Pen is SUPER into her bear these days too. We are lucky if we can leave the house these days.

Also stop injuring yourself.

Also, I love you. And I hope I get to see you soon. (happy thoughts... happy thoughts...)

Christina said...

Truly heaven!

liko said...

loving it all!! peaches, haoles, shell mobile, all of it!! and missing you.
i may have to make a shell mobile or some cute decorative thing out of them soon, too! start your shell collection!

melissa said...

my sister loved island of the blue dolphins when we were little, and i HATED it. is that so weird? i think it was a sister thing.

Anna K. said...

Cute. I love that mobile.I am going to copy it too!