23 September 2011

Go ahead and grow.

Ambrose has been telling everyone that he is four and a half. He turned four and a half on the 19th and now my doctor, the nurse at Koolauloa, the cashier at Waialua bakery, the neighbors, and EVERYONE he talks to knows it too. Naturally, we had cake.

Asher has been removing his own diaper at any given point in the day and sitting on the toilet. I'll spare you a picture on this one.

Everyone seems in a hurry to grow-up.

Normally, this is the part where I whine about how I want them to stay the same forever, but I like seeing how much Ambrose has already learned since he's started school. He has started to fly through phonics and is reading his second book. Hooray!

And, to be perfectly honest, Asher is embracing the terrible-two stage so whole-heartedly that I am ready for him to grow-up too. He won't share, doesn't seem to be interested in learning to talk, and can throw a fit to end all fits. I am tired of all that, but true to classic two-year-old style he is cute as a button and gives the best tight squeezes and sweet kisses... so we'll keep him despite his current frustrations.

We check on them every night after they've been asleep for a while and dash it all if that doesn't make up for anything that went wrong during the day. Especially when rascally Asher has weaseled his way into Ambrose's bed and curled up for the night.

Sometimes we wonder if they fell asleep holding hands?

But just when things get too precious up in here, in true older brother form, Ambrose puts Asher back in his place right quick:

No wonder Asher's so indignant!

I am enjoying these boys, even when they make me pull out my hair daily. Can you tell? :)


liko said...

love the sleeping arrangement sequence!
yay for ambrose being four and a HALF!
and for reading!!

Mibi and Lee said...

The pictures of the boys sleeping brought tears to my eyes...its so adorable to see their brotherly love and bond!!!

melissa said...

yeah, whoa those boys are cute.

and can i be honest with you for a sec? i have never had that "want to freeze time" mom feeling. i like how my boy grows! it's always awesome to see what he does next and i can't wait to see what he has coming up, even if that means he gets taller than me. i'm kind of counting on that actually.

Meg said...

Those pictures are awesome! Hilarious! Don't you just love little boys. I'm sick of mine growing up, but I just need a new one to "baby" I think.

Mariko said...

They are so precious. It's the only word for it.
I forgot to tell you that I saw your MIL strollering Asher just outside your house and turned around at the edge of the lawn because he was throwing a huge fit. It's much easier to chuckle from my end, I guess. :)

Sofia Deyanira said...

Look at those brothers. They have good lives.