25 September 2011

This week on Instagram

Sorry if these are boring, I just like having all of them saved in one place. And I'm sure my Mama likes to see them! Ok, excuses done. Here they are.
Four and a half is enough reason for cake?

He made a friend out of cardboard. He named him ROM.

So he made a hat out of an envelope.

And then he made a motor boat so he could take the strainer out to catch fish.

All this crafting made us hungry for Waialua Bakery. We thought of you Megan Walton.

An apparently dark day in Haleiwa.

Some good pals took me out to preview Moneyball. It's a really great movie.

Asher heard me talking about G&G Hawkins visiting around New Years.

And we were busting with so much excitement we decided to do a volcano experiment to pass the time.

So we got out some energy at the crazy playground

and attended the best shark and mermaid party ever!

The end!

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Bianca said...

So so so cute! Mermaid/shark party is amazing!