29 September 2011

It's all piling up.

A part recall at the dealership
that turned into an over-night fiasco
that meant I had to rent a car
wherein I found out my license had been expired since June 12
which meant I had to skip Asher's first day of mommy and me preschool
to hurry down to the DMV
so I could pay a big fine and get back in time to pick up Ambrose
where I finally got a call back from some burnt out Gov employee
who let me know in a movie-villan tone that because I was trying to be honest my kids are not eligible for insurance.... anywhere
which led me to contacting my old boss who might be able to help
but I had to rush the application to get it in RIGHT THEN and I am not sure I did it right
so my kids may not be insured until the New Year, but we'll see
and those poor kids are in time-out currently
both of them
even though Ambrose's school started three minutes ago
and I was supposed to craft at Sheila's today
and this busy week has left my house looking like a tornado hit
so now I am going to take a deep breath and drag myself that I don't like right now
due to the over-grown eyebrows, extra 10 pounds, and unwashed face
into the boys room to hug it out
get the Ambeast to school now that he's sobered up
take the Asher to the park now that he knows I mean business
tell them both how much I love them anyway
scrub my little home
and this week away...
Friday will be a good day
the end.


melissa said...

oh blerg. insurance and stuff of that nature makes me sooooo very mad/sad sometimes. i hate it. love you, though! welcome friday, you can't come soon enough.

iMaLLheaRt said...

oh man. I got stressed out just reading that! I hope everything turns out ok. I hate days like that when you feel super rushed cuz everything needs to be done YESTERDAY and you don't have time to do it all.
Good luck! I can't wait for Fridays!

By the way, my captcha is "boomin" which I think is a sign that life is gonna be great pretty soon :P

.Ang. said...

My dear stephanie.

I just want to tell you that I love you! I've been thinking about it all week. -How much I love you! And i think we should plan a gchat date (or face time)so I can tell you all the reasons why!

I hope everything gets sorted out quickly!! And enjoy your Aloha friday!

Love, me.

sheila said...

sorry sister. Next time drop Asher off at our house. We can do crafts while you run your errands. :)

and I think the dmv is one of the worst places to spend your life in. Nothing but horror stories from there.

liko said...

you know that stupid expired license thing -- happened to me too.
we're both awesome despite that. word.
and that insurance thing - maybe next time just be dishonest.
ha! kidding...
kidding, that is.
and i always feel i am in an endless state of bushy-eyebrowed-ness and overweightness...5+ years AFTER my baby was born...go figure.
but as you say, friday WILL be a good day.
it will.
oh, and guess what? i may be working just twice a week soon. that will help me end this endless grumpy wife/mommy role that's getting exhausting...

kimball said...

Life is funny that way. I love you.

Melissa said...

i love you! you make me laugh..."Ambeast"! ha!

you're clever, and smart and witty and fun and beautiful and a great Mom.

and today is Friday!! "its's friday, friday. gotta get down on friday...everybody's looking forward to the weekend." (thank you Rebecca Black)

laurel said...

Even though I don't have two kids, and everything is totally different in my life, I feel like I am there too in a way with starting a new job, moving to a new city and finishing up a masters...