02 October 2011

A pretty (fun) week anyway

Upstanding Youth groupies gettin all sassy.

Biking to work.

These three gents picked me up from work Monday night so we could have FHE at the Seasider and ride bikes home together.

It's been annoyingly hot lately.... maybe it just feels so insulting because everyone else is getting fall colors... at any rate, to beat the heat I channeled my inner six-year-old instead of shaving my head. This is the only time in history that Hello Kitty buns have ever been considered the sensible alternative.

Tried and True recipe friends, I made Taylor's Orange Chicken and Fried Rice! Have you? I was always too intimidated in the past, but I DID IT!

Sorry for the nast picture. It doesn't look that appealing here, but IT WAS AMAZING! I kinda felt like Top Chef for a night. Make it. You won't be sorry.

Asher didn't even touch it. So I put him in playground prison.

KIDS! I know that they would love 97% of the things I make if they would just TRY IT.

Oh! And we started a new tradition of making a special family dinner and having a crazy sleepover in the family room for General Conference weekend.

Confession: Once the boys actually settled down Thomas and I crept to our room and slept in our own bed.... so we cheated... but those kids roll around in their sleep and take up ALL the mattress. Next General Conference I think I'll just make a big bed on the floor with tons of blankets and then I'll actually sleep out there. Promise.

Well, that's about it for this week.... except for it's suddenly starfruit season again.

Have a juicy week.


kimball said...

I am loving your blog from my new iPhone. That orange chicken recipe sure looks good.

stephanie joy said...

Ohhh you're fancy now dad! SO cool!

liko said...

that chicken and fried rice look ono!!
maybe that was the push i needed to actually just go ahead and make it already.
and that starfuit tree is so beautiful, it makes me so happy just looking at it.
and i miss riding bikes. it's one of my favorite things.
fun fun week!

echo said...

i love that pic of addy and ambi. i think i will steal it for my blog. thanks!

Taylor said...

i'm so proud of you and your culinary prowess:)

i'm sure ambrose is so stoked that it's starfruit season again.

ps: do you still have the cookbook saved on your computer? i somehow lost my copy in the move...i can't even find it in my email.

love and miss you!!!!!!!