03 October 2011

Crafty Ambrose

I was looking through our family photos on the computer and noticing that we had a lot of crafty Ambrose pictures. I wish I would have thought to take a picture of ALL his crafts over the years, because it would be quite the overwhelming collection.

The boy loves trash.

Anytime I am about to throw out any empty box or container I have to hurry and do it before he notices or I will get in trouble.

"No Mama! I was gonna save that for a craft!" Is the most common phrase to come out of Ambrose's mouth after, "Sandwich please!"

Although I feel I am missing some of his truest masterpieces, here are a few I found recently:
Valentines- I did the cutting of coures cuz he was little little here

Homemade watch

Cardboard fort

Rocket with Mama's help

Some sort of alien gun?

iPhone. Duh.

Stilts- grandma cut the hole in the cans

Another rocket

A remote control car remote... one Mama's trash is truly his treasure.... frequently I will throw something away and find it like this later that day.

A paper "friend" named ROM...

He was jealous of his friend's Ironman toy so he made his own

Jack Skelington from Nightmare Before Christmas

He insisted we need personalized, decorated food trays for Family pizza and movie night

A robot factory... clearly. This is a combination of different days of trash and you should see his face when you happen upon him configuring something like this. SERIOUS. We could go through a roll of tape in a week and sometimes we do.

A family of finger puppets

Oh get ready for this one! A laptop computer with a mouse to go with it. I walked in on this delightful scene. I laughed for like 20 minutes with glee.

Oh and sad, he really wanted video games like all his cousins and I told him not until he's older so he fashioned this little gem and played on it all afternoon:


Bug jar with grandma and her Stampin' Up! supplies and a recycled jar of course.

Extremely intimidating robot (Daddy helped with cutting)

Oh, and a clock.

You get the idea. I could post at least one a day, but suffice to say, this child is a crafty beast. I am endlessly entertained.


kimball said...

Harness this energy and creativity to help lower the utility bill.

Ashley said...

I love the computer and the video game!! What a cute little crafty boy!

Brittany said...

It is 1:15 I guess:)! He reminds me so much of jackson. That's how he spent his 4tg"and 5th year of life!

melissa said...

he is waay ahead of his time here, steph! those can stilts were something we did when i was a scout leader for 8 year olds! that boy of yours is so advanced.

ps i'm loving the hp music. those first movies get a lot of guff, but the music is ENCHANTING.

Matti said...

oh my goodness!!! He is so stinkin' creative!!!

Rachel said...

Your son is amazing and I love so so so much how you have the harry potter theme on your blog.

echo said...

the video game kills me.

Thomas said...


laurel said...

WOOOOOOW!! Seriously, Ambrose is an amazing amazing boy! I want him to come teach me!

.Ang. said...

Ambrose is my favourite! His creations are ingenious and they just make me smile!

He is one special kid! He's going to go places! Mark my words!

Sheila... said...

it's cuz he gets it from his momma!

my fav: video game.

Next time I'm stuck on a craft idea or project I know who to call for advice.

For reals. I'll be calling.

Rach said...

He is truly a creative boy. I am amazed at his inventiveness! he will do great things with that imagination!

liko said...

i love kid artwork. i struggle with what to keep and what to toss, feeling like a hoarder if i don't get rid of anything. i think of what will keep over the years so they can show their children what they made when they were their age.

Patria said...

oh Geez I love this blog and I love this post! Are you kidding me on how artistic and inventive Ambrose is? Actually not surprising at all given who his parents are!! Anyway, mahalos for your kind comment recently that was heartwarming and too generous. You bring so much positive energy to your family, people around you, your teaching- you inspire me!

Much aloha!

B said...

I have always wished I was more creative. This just go to show some people have it and some don't

Sofia Deyanira said...

Ambrose is an artist! Brilliant! I admire that you keep nurturing his natural skills and feed them through patience and admiration! How they are growing! Such cute little boys!