08 October 2011

Uneventful Fall Break

Hawaii has a Fall Break. You Idahoans will understand, what with your potato harvest and all. Ours is just one week and I had a zoo trip, waterpark day, maybe even Bishop Museum with the grandparents....etc week planned...

and then we all took turns having the flu.

So much for my flu shot eh? Thanks for nothing Foodland pharmacy.

Anyway, we didn't do anything and anytime I thought we were well enough to do something I was always a little sorry in the end as I held a crying child all the way home from the elementary school fall break play performance and whatnot.

It wasn't all bad though.

We tried out some possible Halloween costumes

Hung up some spooky bats (they have since all fallen down because of my safety tape and have been displayed elsewhere)

And in desperation one day I took the invalids to Costco for a quick trip. Nature called to Ambrose on the way home somethin' fierce so we had to pull over in a pineapple field and I had to take a picture because I am mature and discreet. He'll thank me someday I'm sure.

Not a bad week I guess.


Melissa said...

haha to the last picture...

plus I love your bats.

Emily said...

Just don't introduce him to peeing off the edge at the Point. After that, the Point is all about peeing. Every time. First thing. Without fail. They all get out and immediately feel the feeling and head for the edge.

Sheila... said...

i think i'm not going to get the flu shot now.

that pic of ambrose is priceless.

and the harry music fits perfectly.

ashley said...

and that is just one more nail in the coffin- I WILL NOT GET A DAMN FLU SHOT. thanks.

sorry you had the sickes. good to see you and the dat boy, and the rest of the fam for that matter- even if it was just for a min.

Lindsay R said...

haha that picture is awesome. He'll love it someday.

cute bats and i think those halloween costumes go perfect together!