17 April 2012

Flat Stanley Returns!

We got another visit from Flat Stanley and my boys love it! Here's what we sent back to my nephew's class:

Dear Bennett and Mrs. Kramar’s class,

We were so excited to get a visit with our pal Flat Stanley again! We are Bennett’s cousins, Ambrose and Asher, and we live in Hawaii. Last time Flat Stanley visited we took him for a walk around our neighborhood and to the beach by our house. This visit we wanted to take him to one of our favorite places: The Polynesian Cultural Center! First he made friends with some natives who gave Flat Stanley a traditional Maori tattoo in Aotearoa so he look very tough . Next, we took in a canoe show with authentic Polynesian dancers, learned about traditional Hawaiian quilting, and
cooled off with fresh pineapple and coconut juice. After all of that Flat Stanley was ready to settle in and live the island lifestyle forever so we introduced him to his new neighbors in the Easter Islands where he found a traditional hut to live in. After all that hut building he was ready to cool off in one of Hawaii’s many beautiful waterfalls . Next we took him to the Laie Tram Tour so he could familiarize himself with his new town
. Flat Stanley was ready to stay permanently until he remembered all the fun times he had with Bennett in Mrs. Kramar’s class so he asked Ambrose and Asher to take him to the beach one more time before heading home. As he relaxed on the shore he felt happy that he had had a nice vacation with his old friends, but he was ready to head back to Las Vegas after all.

See you next time Flat Stanley! We will miss you!

Your friends in Hawaii,

Ambrose and Asher (and their Mom)


melissa said...

holy cow i'd give about a million dollars to be flat stanley right now!

Ashley said...

I wonder why Bennett chose you over me??? Ha, I am envious of Flat Stanley's vacation.

Megan said...

Sending some cleavage to Mrs. Kramar's class. Love it. Flat Stanley really knows how to live it up with you guys.

Stephanie said...

Oh calm down Meggsie I text you some too. ;) pregnant cleavage. Yikes.

Brittany said...

So awesome steph!!! You are the best flat Stanley hostess ever:)!