11 March 2013

Jonah at 4 months.

You know what is a great idea? Starting a monthly photo goal involving your entire family behaving in front of or behind a camera all year long as soon as you have your third child.

Sounds like a recipe for success.

Jonah was four months on 2/23/13 and I finally took this today... 3/11/13. We were sick, then we were traveling, and here we are now: leaving daddy and his camera out of the equation (because he's always gone when there's good light), on an iPhone, taking whatever we can get!

We'll live.

4 months stats:
16.2 lbs 26.5 inches
Woke up one day at four months and decided to cry a lot less so that is good news for everyone in ear-shot.
Rolls over now. A lot.
Smiles and laughs a lot- especially when brothers are involved.
Screams at bedtime if mom is not there to nurse him to sleep once or twice so that makes Wednesday and Thursday nights when I teach super fun for Thomas. (We are moving into the direction of making him cry it out. Soon.)
Went on a trip to meet the Hawkins family and was so charming and cute the whole time!

Mama stats:
Only down about 2lbs since we last spoke- how rude of you to keep asking me. heh heh
I'm not worried. It'll happen. No doubt more quickly when I am not nursing all day and all night.


Nate and Julie said...

I still can't get over how jealous I am of my parents. They said Jonah was as charming as ever. Miss you!

melissa said...

i like that picture anyway. he's just giving us a good jowl shot. atta jonah.