21 March 2013

Jonah Meets the Hawkins!

I love my parents. I love my sisters. I love my nieces and nephews. I love California. I love Bakersfield. Yeah, you read that right. Have you actually been there? Like in the town and not on the ugly highway that says you are driving through Bakersfield because that is not actually Bakersfield stupid. And the big thermometer is Baker. Learn to read. Yeah it's not Hawaii or Paris or NYC, but neither are you... what?

Anyway, Bakersfield. It's great.

Moving on...I love my friends. I love that I got to take a one week trip with Jonah to see everything I just listed. I love that people are so kind and willing to see us. I love the time we spent there. I love the food we ate. I love the late nights my sisters and I sat up laughing our heads off and scheming and chatting each other up. I love that I got to show my cute baby off and just be there. What a dream! I love that even when this magical week came to an end it wasn't all sad, because I had Thomas, Ambrose, Asher, and Hawaii to come back to. Life is so very good sometimes.

Here's some images from the week - (not pictured: My sisters. They DO NOT like their pictures taken. At all. :) I have provided a group shot that hangs in my parents home just in case you wonder what they look like when we all get dressed up in semi-coordinating attire and stand really close together and feel stressed out that our kids will be the one picking their nose or grabbing their privates in the family photo. You're welcome!)

(See here's the very photo I promised you. Aren't they lovely?!)

Until next time loved ones! Jonah had a great time meeting you! <3 p="">


Ashley said...

Oh Bakersfield! I totally feel the same way and am equally as defensive. I had such a great time and miss baby Jonah soooo much! Can you come visit again?

Marcus Lane said...

Looks like an awesome and successful trip!