26 March 2013

Jonah at 5 months.

Look how early I am! Only three days after he turned 5-months. Woah.
5 months stats:
We made him cry it out at night about a week ago and life has been a lot better.
He stubbornly still cries for at least 15-20 when we put him down, but then he sleeps much longer stretches, which means so do I. (HOORAY!) We just need to get him to not scream in the night at all. Oh man I sure did ruin my good night time sleeper on that mainland trip... we're getting back to the good nights though. Crying it out is so hard. You just want to get them and snuggle them and nurse them, but it is so good for everyone. I hope to report nothing but long, sleep-filled nights next month.

He is happier with all his new-found sleep. Mornings are still just the best, best, best with him. He wakes up so smiley and ready to party. 

He is SO FAT. It's squishy and fun. YUM.

Speaking of fat....

Mama stats:
I am eating well and exercising and not seeing a ton of progress, but I feel confident that if I keep at it something has got to give.... right?! :) Actually, as I type this I am wearing a pair of pre-baby jeans I couldn't zip-up last week. Aaaaaaaand they are very, very tight. Sitting in them is interesting... who needs circulation anyway? But I am wearing them! Sometimes you've just got to wear uncomfortable pants all day to remind you to avoid eating something you shouldn't. If you think I sound crazy you are either naturally thin or you have given up and you should never, ever give up on your health and self-esteem. Go put on those tight pants! (Misery loves company.)


melissa said...

oh as you get smaller i'm getting muuuuch bigger. i'm already feeling a crease where my belly & bust meet. it's going to be a looooong biiiiig summer for someone. (but obvs i can't wait for summer. i'm dying here.)

your boys kill me every time. good job posting. atta stepho.

Meg said...

Such handsome boys you have there! They are darling! I have to say... I love what you said. Never give up on your health or self esteem, brilliant!