21 April 2013

Summer Survival Plan!

Spring Break and weekends have taught me one thing: We need a plan for this Summer!

Our apartment is small enough that the boys running from the main kitchen/family room area to their bedroom is often loud enough to wake Jonah up from his nap. It has. More than once.

And Jonah naps three times a day.

So we need a plan.

I love our little apartment and am determined to make it work for us as long as possible and more importantly I love my children and I am tired of screaming at them for just being little boys so here I go. Making a plan!

I wanted to get it down now while I am thinking about it and have it somewhere I won't lose it.

Thanks blog for providing this space to organize myself!

Morning nap: Mama school time (math, reading, writing, educational games)

Afternoon nap: Quiet movie time (thank you Netflix for the peace and quiet)

Late afternoon nap: Backyard time (It won't be as hot by this time so that's an added bonus)

I am also glad there is a specific time each day for watching something so we aren't tempted to leave the TV on in the background all Summer long.

In-between naps the boys can play around the house and be as loud as they want. I am thinking we will also try and go to a park every day in between the afternoon and late afternoon nap or just go to the beach after all the naps are done.

Wednesdays we will leave the house in time for Jonah to have his morning nap on the way to Town and have a field trip at either the Zoo, or Aquarium, or Sea Life park, or Bishop Museum, or the Waterpark...etc. and head back home in time for Jonah to have his afternoon nap during the car ride home.

I'm really excited for Wednesdays! I love to load my kids up in the van and head-out for a fun day. Yes, there are always tears or whatever at some point, but they would do that at home at some point anyway so we may as well do something awesome once a week to shake things up a little.

Whew, this is good. Yes, I like to plan. I'm annoying like that.

Anyone else have Summer survival tips for me. It's around the corner. I'm planning now so I can look forward to it instead of fear it. Ha!

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Thomas said...

It's gonna be fun :)