26 April 2013

Jonah at 6 months.

We did it!

It took us half-a-year, but we did it. We finally figured out the magic combination for the monthly Robertson boy portrait.

Right before they go to school I tell them we're taking a picture in honor of Jonah's birthday so they're all excited. I lay down the law from the get-go ("If you do anything naughty or silly I will take away your remote control cars so just sit nicely and smile at me no matter what I say to get Jonah's attention!"). It worked.

Look at those cute, cheeky things.

Jonah's 6 -months stats:
19lbs 8oz
28.5 inches tall

He has two bottom teeth now!

He will sleep through the night as long as no one makes a single peep at all... so that means he wakes up screaming if we tip-toe into our bedroom to go to bed or get up at all in the night... so that means he is getting moved into the kid room... possibly tonight.

With rare and annoying exception, he takes a nap at 9, 12, and 3-ish. They are each about 1 hour long and he screams himself to sleep almost every time, but not for very long... usually.

He is no longer swaddled since he rolls over in his crib now and nearly smothered himself once because the swaddler didn't allow for the use of his arms. Yikes!

He is fun and so sweet. It's also really nice that Thomas can so easily take care of him without me now that he has a regular 7PM bedtime and can be put down without nursing. I believe in crying it out. He has gotten so much more rest and is happier since we made him learn how to go to sleep without nursing or swinging or rocking...etc

He has tried rice cereal and tolerates it. He will still drink from a bottle, but mostly I just nurse him for all his meals.

Mama stats:
I started a blog! www.themermaidplan.blogspot.com
The mermaid plan blog is helping me reach my goals at last! I love it. I've lost 5 pounds since my last update here and have 11 more to go!

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