29 April 2013

Ambrose's robot party!

Ambrose turned 6 on March 19th and requested a robot party and his wish is my command. I really love this kid party stuff. I know some moms go way more over the top and some moms dread putting on a kids party and I don't know where I fit in that spectrum, but we always keep it pretty homemade and low cost and hopefully high on play and ... uh... sugar. So the kids have fun, the birthday kid feels special, and this year as an added bonus: Ambrose didn't cry once. I attribute this to four possible modifications made to our usual birthday routine: 1. We did not have a pinata. 2. We didn't even mention the presents until friends had left. 3. We kept it unstructured and light. 4. We had some cute helper girls from the ward come play with the boys while we got last minute party things set-up. They helped during the party as well. And my friends pitched in too! So nice. This is a magic combination. I think we have this figured out! Either that or 6-year-olds just don't cry at their parties. We don't know. We've never had one until now. And he's a good one!


Nate and Julie said...

Looks like fun! I especially love the robot costume. I also love your formula for a successful, no tears party. Clara is already super excited for her birthday in September and the girl is prone to tears. I just know she will be disappointed. (She has such high expectations!) Every time we pass the pinata aisle at the grocery store she reminds me that at her next birthday there will be a pinata. Oh, boy. Maybe we will try 3 out of 4 of your ideas and hope for the best.

Rach said...

I love it! what a FAB party. Love the robot costume, you always have great photo props! Happy BIRTHDAY Ambrose!