23 December 2008

we've been up to stuff and i want to open my present NOW

so we've been running around
having fun
relaxing and reading
soaking in the christmas decor at the temple visitors center
going for walks
playing with ambrose

oh yeah, and my parents have been asking me an insane amount of questions that i wouldnt even begin to know the answers to (or care to for that matter, sad but true).

them: oh! what's that tree called?
me: uhhh.... i'm not sure about that one either.
them: are those neighbors tongan or hawaiian?
me: both??
them: what time does the pcc open?
me: never cared to know.... afternoonish???
them: how long has this building been here?
me: i dont know a complete history on that person's house....
them: many many more hawaii and the like related questions.....
me: ???????????
them: etc. etc. etc.
me: silence.
them: oh yeah, that one didnt count as my question for the day. where does this wrapping paper go?
me: that i can answer! in ambrose's closet. :)

but i still love them. and they are patient with my impatience (oh and i've been impatient).

here's a picture of the two cutie pies at ashley's wedding this summer. we have pictures from this trip but they're in the other room and people are sleeping in there.

besides the mind numbing questions, we have been eating a ton a ton a ton of good food, and shopping so much, and enjoying being together.

tomorrow t and i will go to the temple for the last time before it closes for 18 months :( for renovations and then we're all headed to the beach!

and it's too early to tell, but when i got home from running errands with my mom today a VERY BIG present was waiting for me on the table from thomas.... hmmmmmm..... i really cant wait over 24 hours to open it. maybe i'll unwrap it tonight while he's sleeping and expertly wrap it up again before he knows what's what.

well, guess i better get to it ;) merry christmas to all and to all a good night!

ps- we ordered some recipe books today from byuh print services and it was $5 a copy- that's a steal! i'm thinking about taking an order for any of you who are interested after the holidays and shipping it out to you (or handing it off if you live here). shipping would be around $2 or $3 and the book is $5. so, i will take those orders after the holidays if you want.


mrs. peterson said...

oh i want to know what kind of tree it is too.

do you remember in dublin that there were palm trees? i swear.

(oh and open up that MYSTERIOUS present now!)

merry christmas darling.

mrs. peterson said...

and don't you like "a christmas carol"? i just peeked at your reading list. i had to read it for school and i thought it was a shame that no one actually reads that book.

Hema and Becky said...

My parents ask lots of those kinds of questions too. They must be related or something? Anyhow, the thing I love about it is I always learn tons of thing I might not have ever even thought due to their questions. Stay patient, someday Ambrose will be patiently fielding your crazy questions too! Merry Christmas and if you pass that on to your parents from us too, I'll give grandpa Hawkins an extra hug and kiss from your family today!

echo said...

i can't wait for you to open your mystery present!! i must admit i am a little jealous if it is what i think it is.
i bet it has been so much fun to have your parents here. i am a little jealous of that to. i guess i am just a green monster today. oh well, at least i am festive, right?

In.A.Nutshell said...

yay for inquisitive visitors! yay for hugely sized, box shaped present! and yay for crazy big printing bargains!


Roeckers said...

You don't know everything about Hawaii? c'mon I thought you were native? Next time they ask just tell them: "Mom, I would have known all of these things if we had moved here when I was younger."

Yeah, that'll get 'em.

Hey I'm working on our store and thinking I'll put the cookbook up as a free download. I'll send you a URL for them once I get things straight.

Emily said...

Hi Stephanie, I hope you don't think I'm weird, but I have read your blog for a little while. I love your writing style and your little boy is so cute! You always post such great photos! I went to High School with Natalie and I remember you when you were younger. I would really, really love one of the cookbooks you helped put together. I can send you money to cover the cost. Can you email me if you decide to have some printed? My email address is on my blog. Thank you!!!