05 January 2009

i really like: the idea of people using the recipe book

it's exciting. so, tomorrow (jan. 6th) is the last day for you to tell me if you want me to order you one and mail it out to you (or drop it off if you live around here)... so, let me know.

here is my count thus far (let me know if i missed someone):
emily m = 1 book
linda r = 6 books
erin h = 1 book
liko m = 2 books
jaime p = 1 book
suzanne b = 2 books (paid)
melissa p = 1 book
carrie t = 1 book
sheila r = 3 books
taylor p = 1 book
molly t = 1 book
matti p = 1 book
ashley m = 1 book
cammie h = 2 books
mindy t = 1 book
bille g = 1 book
sofia d = 1 book
abby h = 1 book
jamie a = 1 book
stefani j = 1 book
alicia q = 1 book
julie f = 1 book
jenn p = 1 book
megan w = 2 books

i even got suzanne's money in the mail today! thanks suzanne. anyway, we'll be sending all these people and anyone else who wants to be included a paypal bill tomorrow or the next day and you can either pay me that way or promptly mail me (i'll be sending out my address too) the money- whatever works best for you. just please please dont make me harass you over $7.... that's just awkward. :)

so get those last minute orders in if you so desire and i will order away and mail them out ASAP!

last night for thomas' birthday i made liko's key lime pie and matti's red ribbon cheesecake... yum! what a tasty book.
say cheeeese (new haircut)
and here is ambrose's special recipe... fruit, sandwich, a cheeeeeeeeesy smile, squinty eyes and a monk hair cut.... what a masterpiece.


darcie said...

i'm just proud of suzanne for being on top of things and paying.

are you disappointed by this comment?

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

i most certainly am not! :)

Sofia Deyanira said...

I would like one pretty please. Send the Paypal bill my way.

Abby said...

I feel a little bit silly asking for one, but it's an opportunity I don't want to miss! What a steal!
My e-mail is abby.hatch@gmail.com. If it isn't too much trouble....count me in!

Akinaka Ohana said...

Hey Stephanie, it's Jamie Akinaka (I worked with a client at NSMH awhile ago). I was on the Palmer's page and saw your name in her comment section and was like "hey, I know her" so out of habit I clicked and there in the title was "print recipe book". Well I happen to love recipe books though I don't own very many (due to $$$) but I'm always hungry for new tried and true recipes so I was wondering if I could buy one too and I hope you didn't mind me dropping in on your page!
I tried to email you but it kept coming back to me so my email is makinaka@gmail.com


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

sofia, abby and jamie- COOL COOL COOL! i love it! thanks for making me feel cool- drop by anytime!

In.A.Nutshell said...


and i won't make you harass me over $7. pinky swear.

liko said...

i love his monk haircut!!! it made me smile :-)

Emily said...

Yay! I'm really excited! Thanks Steph, I'll watch for my paypal bill:)

Oh, and could that little boy of yours be any cuter?!

Nate and Julie said...

ok, so I'm a procrastinator, but I want a book. I know that the procrastinator in me will never print it otherwise. So I hope it's not too late, and expect a check to be coming your way!

Our Family! said...

I'd love a copy, I hope I'm not too late. I'll send a check! Thanks for being so organized (and creative!)