04 January 2009

i really like: my honey, recently 29

today thomas turned 29... and as he put his chubby arm around me and rested his soft cheek against mine i just wanted him to stay 29 forever... :) jk, this is not a repeat of yesterdays post (and thomas' arms are most certainly not chubby), but a celebration of the man i love most!

thomas is a man of many talents. if there is ever a good looking picture on this blog, he most likely took it. he plays the drums in a band, he plays a lot of other instruments by ear, he does dishes for me every night, he gets up with ambrose bright and early every morning so my pregnant body can get more rest, he genuinely prefers family time over any other recreation, he organizes spaces in our house before i can ever get to them, he works really hard with some people who are generally really hard to work with, he schedules time out of his work day if i ever have an appointment or pressing engagement, he is our sons best buddy, he is romantic, he is thoughtful and patient, he is hilarious (in a subtle way... you'll never catch him trying desperately to get attention), he is modest, he is brave, he is hot, he is genuine, he is knowledgeable, he is curious and a life-long learner, he is my mate and my babys daddy.

i could go on and on, but i'll just tell him in person and spare him any more public embarrassment. :)

i would never encourage a young, 19 year old girl who is far away from home to seek out the nearest 24 year old drummer and get engaged a little less than 4 weeks later because for that to work out.... well, it doesnt seem likely. but that is our story. we met and it was obvious. he never even asked me to marry him. we were sitting on my balcony one night... having another late night that could go on forever laughing and talking (undoubtedly kissing... im sure) and looking at the ocean and in a sweet whisper he told me he wanted to marry me. i felt so calm and sure as i kept looking at the water and i nodded my head and said, "yeah."

it just made sense and it scares me to think of where i would be if i had let the fact that i was so young, or that we hadnt known each other that long get in the way of what i really felt: and that was that he was the man i wanted and should marry.

i love you thomas, you are my best friend and our life is so beautiful. thank you. happy birthday t-rob. :)


echo said...

happy b-day thomas!! we love you too!!

sheila said...

you're so in love!

happy birthday to you Thomas, even though I've only met you like once, at Bille/Mike halloween party. But I'm friends with your mom too. We 'stamp it up'.
- haha

Roeckers said...

Happy Birthday Thomas!!

Melissa said...

happy bday! you guys are sweet!

liko said...

happy birthday, thomas!!! sorry we didn't make it to the bash, but you are awesome and i love all your pictures!!!

diana palmer said...



write it,



sigh. while my love is not romantic, i'm maybe one of the few other women in your life excluding family who have such a fondness for all your talents and unique ways. i love stephanie. i love ambrose, and i love you. there, i said it. happy birthday, old man. and thanks for letting me call you tim tam without cringing too much.

In.A.Nutshell said...

happy b day thomas!!

and steph, i love the way you love him. you can just feel all of the excess love oozing out of y'all.

Thomas said...

ahhh! love fest!!!!!!
Thanks Stephanie for the post, and thanks to everyone who commented.

Ashley said...

Oh Thomas, how does it feel to be so old?

Jessica F. said...

I love husband posts! Happy Birthday!!!