03 January 2009

i really like: my baby

i haven't said too much about him lately, but believe me there is plenty to say. i am happy my parents recently spent 10 days with him... they can vouch for his awesomeness and know that i am being completely honest when i say he is sassy and knows what he wants and can throw a colossal fit to get it.

he is in love with me. i don't know how it happened. actually, i think that the 9 months in my womb, the nursing on demand he so willingly received for the first year of his life, and my complete smothering and delight in all he does might have contributed to his affection... but whatever it was i'll take it.

my bestie recently wrote about mourning the loss of each adorable stage in your child's life as they grow up. i really couldn't agree more. one of my own lovely sisters also wrote about wanting to pause her youngest and keep him in his precious stage forever. yep, that's me too. i see him singing to himself as he works hard putting a puzzle together and then looks up at me with glee and a little drool as he completes it and i think, "how sweet, how precious, please please stay this way forever!!!"

for example, today we were trekking across the large parking lot in the mililani shopping center. ambrose was holding our hands and trotting along beside us, but he wasn't walking fast enough because he was getting tired so thomas held him and he was happy to cling to his daddy. later i took a turn holding him and he swung his sweet little chubby arm around my neck and held tight as he rested his soft, squishy cheek against mine and kissed my neck and kept saying, "mama, mama, mama..." in the most adoring tone you've ever heard.

something like this happens at least once a day, but i got all choked up and told thomas, "no one has ever or will ever loved me like this in my life! i know in like 11 years or something i will embarrass him and he might even hate my guts so i'm sorry, but i am soaking it up and enjoying every last drop now." thomas just laughed a little and assured me that our son probably wont hate me when he's about 13...
anyway, my son, my baby, the boy is growing up and fast. a lot of words he says sound the same, but he is learning at least a new word everyday. here's a little translation chart:
papple = apple (and most fruits besides bananas or "nanas" actually)
duke = truck (and most cars actually)
dok = dog (and several animals actually... starting to see a pattern??)
nock = milk
jew = juice
and many many more, but these and "da" and "mama" being the most common.

i'm so happy that he finally speaks and more importantly understands EVERYTHING i say now... this has helped communication and made my job less like a scientist in a monkey lab and more like a mom teaching her child.

so, while this post may not be wildly thrilling to the general population it was no doubt fun for the aunties and grandparents to read :) and something i wanted to write even though i feel misty eyed as i type it.

i really like: my baby. he is one of the great loves of my life. everyday with him is new and i don't dread a minute of it. maybe i'll hit that mothering wall one day, but for now, even in my most impatient, out-of-my-mind, crazy moments, i am so in love and so eager to do my best that nothing can discourage me for too long. i am happy that heavenly father trusted me with one of his own and that he gave me the chance to learn about this deep love. what a joy.


The Cutlers said...

that was so sweet and I bet Ambrose feels the same way about you that you do him. You are such a good mom! It will be so fun to see him in a different way in the role of BIG BROTHER. It is the best.

Adam and Brittany Greene said...

i am going to be annoying and try to say that he looks like me :). he really does! just look at the yellowish picture (i think it was the 2nd one) and look at his little face and eyes especially. it looks like me and mom as babies.

Audra said...

you're not the only teary one. that was so sweet. he looks like such a sweetheart!

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

britt- i had never thought of that before but now that you mention it i can totally see it and that lady on mom and dad's blog DID say that SHE (uh, i think (hope) she meant HE... as in a boy, with short hair wearing boys clothes) looked just like mom ;)

lizzie said...

Yeah, they're cute sometimes. Okay, most of the time. Well, probably all of the time and we just don't appreciate it.

liko said...

he's a pretty awesome kid, i must say. pretty cute, too. i feel the same way about wanting my babies to stay little and loveable forever. i told faith i didn't want her to get bigger and she asked if i was gonna be sad when she grew bigger. i told her yes, and she didn't quite understand why. they are just so sweet and innocent and i love it!

Emily said...

I love your resolutions. It sounds so familiar... I thought I was reading my own thoughts. I'm so lucky to know you.

darcie said...

the love is so powerful i think i almost might love him that much too! i feel like i know him and want to press his squishy cheek to mine. what a precious, gorgeous, funny boy.

sheila said...

I really like: that post

I think all moms can relate to that one.
Amby has the cutest cheeks. I just want to SQUEEZE them.

modestmuse said...

Just seeing the striped shirt, "Snowy Day" book picture of him makes me want to have a child! (please don't let him know there's such thing as snow, his life will be better for it). HOW adorable though!! Zak used to say "nock" for milk, I'm sure a linguist could explain that phenomenon. What a great baby boy you have and a great mama he has!

Melissa said...

what cute little chunker. i love that boy!

diana palmer said...

you totally one upped my "i love my child" post! i'm sooooo mad! hahahha

count me in with the grandparents and other relatives who highly enjoy some good ambrose reading.

it kills me not to know him in person. seriously, it does. how am i still breathing then, you ask? well, don't ask questions like that.

and i wished i had the same good heart as you. and am reading your blog twice a day to squeeze out for myself some small portion of your vivacious love for mothering and life.

In.A.Nutshell said...


only you put it better than i could.

In.A.Nutshell said...

oh, and i must MUST comment on how you talked about how much amby loves you. it is SO true that it seems noone will ever love you that much. ever again. impossible. and that you will never have such a ... connection (not the right word) with someone like that again.


i want more babies and i can't even handle the ones i have.