06 January 2009

i really like: a lot of things, but these come to mind right now

our song

Susie Ghahremani's art found here

my babys cheeks
Morning Baby
a juicy, cold pink grapefruit (especially when i'm pregnant)


polka dots - always have always will...

talking to my sisters on the phone

lots and lots of little planners and notebooks

red lipstick and short red nails (not long nails- real or fake... just cuz im a germ-a-phobe! these ones are even a little long for my taste... but you get the idea.)

these colors and these dishes for that matter

snail mail

my forever

the colors and the general look of old maps- i am starting a collection of them so i can wallpaper a wall in my kids room with these beautiful images one day


organization in general

movies that i could watch over and over (and often do)

houndstooth fabric... if i have a girl next (and i find out thursday) i will make her a simple dress out of black and white houndstooth, mark my words :)

mates of state

thai food (curry curry curry)

a good book- classic or contemporary

a night out or in with my man


Melissa said...

hounds tooth is very cute!

I'm sorry about today, did you get my message?

Bitty said...

i really like a lot of the same things maybe that is why i also really like you

Kahilau said...

What a great list. I had no idea about some of those things. I love old maps too. Wallpapering a kids room with them is a great idea.

Audra said...

i could only recognize two of those movies. what are the titles please! how exciting you find out if Ambrose gets a brother or a sister! I had no idea that that fabric is called hounds tooth! thanks for informing me!

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

pride and prejudice (A&E version and most recent are good)
the nightmare before christmas
marie antoinette
the life acquatic
teh royal tenenbaums

mrs. peterson said...

i love maps so much that when we were playing rock band at a friend's house the other night i made a big fuss about singing it and then (obviously) did terrible.

as you know, mates of state is one of my biggest loves as well. as for radiohead, i'm serious when i say i don't even know what they sound like. which makes me lame, i know.

also, chocolat is one of my favorite movies ever. of course i could go through your whole list and validate it but you already know how much i love mail and you don't need my validation here, so i'm stopping i swear.


mrs. peterson said...

AH except i can't not tell you i'm really excited for your doctors appointment!

In.A.Nutshell said...

nightmare before christmas is absolute bliss to me!! i seriously don't think a week goes by that "making christmas, making christmas, la la la..." doesn't go through my head. or "tender pumpkins everywhere. life's no fun without a good scare."


and polka dots. i love polka dots. there. i said it.

Ashley said...

These are all great things you like. I also love the movie Nightmare Before Christmas. The other day I was at church and heard this little girl in Sunbeams singing the Halloween Halloween song that is at the beginning of the movie. I loved it and have been singing it ever since.

rachel said...

hey like mind,

I'm with you on every single one of those movies. I add Definitely, Maybe, Dan in Real Life, Fever Pitch and Stardust...and for some reason we love Wedding Crashers. Have you seen Fever Pitch???

As for tv shows, I am so into 'how i met your mother' right now........i know it doesn't look good, but I love it.

rachel said...

p.s. i think we will love Coraline. Have you read the book? read it.

Carrie said...

This list made me very smiley. I know that one is Amelie, and it's everyone's favorite. I've never seen it thought and I'm beginning to think I maybe should.

Carrie said...

*though oops

Meg and Corbin said...

Can't wait for you to find out what you are having!

Brady and Rachel said...

happy late b-day to Thomas. I don't think we ever knew just how short a time you two dated before getting engaged. Crazy! How awesome though, you two are SOOOO perfect together, I couldn't imagine Thomas with more perfect for him. I love you posts, all of them. Keep them up! Hope you are feeling well too!

laurel said...

I like a lot of these things too.

diana palmer said...

does this mean that me and you and everyone who commented likewise should be best friends?

i hope so.

what a fantastic post. i had a particular sensation of delight when i read optimism and saw the glass of water. i would go so far as to call this post a work of art.

and if i tried to imitate it, which i've seriously considered, i wouldn't know where to start.

p.s. what will your baby beeeeeeeE?! and remember when this blog of yours was a baby and you shamelessly posted all of your pregancy progress in pictures? can we have MORE of that?

Ashley said...

Love this!

lizzie said...

You have such good taste.