12 January 2009

i really like: making lemonade out of my lemon (she's not a lemon, she's just having a little fit)

my sassy little car is having a tantrum of sorts right now and the dealership cant get to her until wednesday- this means i am car-less for probably the whole week.

i know i spent almost a year in this helpless state before (a mother without a car is usually a frustrated mother indeed)... but i find myself wondering what one without a car does all day and how does one without a car get anything done?

what we used to do when we had no car:

-go for more walks
-walk down the street to the beach, spend all day there
-pad around home some more, eat home cooked lunches, and get creative
-spend less money
-rely on thomas to get run-around errands done for us when he can during the day

so, to re-cap, after this week we might be:

-more tan
-more creative and eating healthier
-have the money in the bank that we would have otherwise spent on gas and expenses
-only have what we really need instead of what we decided to get while we were out and bored since we don't want to bug thomas too much


i wouldn't want this to be the permanent state of things since i think all moms need a way to get around and get things done, but i am choosing to think of this week as a mini-vacation from the everyday hustle.

well, see you later, we're off to the beach! (yes, those are the shoes he is insisting on wearing to the beach...)


KristenE. said...
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KristenE. said...

Sorry I had to delete my last comment it was really lame.

I am love the long hair it looks so good =0) You are so pretty! I am so sad that your car isn't working. Soak up some rays for me!

echo said...

you can call me for anything you need! if you need a ride, i am your gal.
your hair looks really dark did you dye it?

rachel said...

this is what I want my life to be like in a few years. when my husband and I finish school in eleven months, we are moving to some coast.

Todd and Alicia said...

I love how you see the sunny side of everything. You're such an inspiration!
It is really nice to get back to the basics and really enjoy being home more. Don't you wonder what people did in the "olden days" before two cars were even an option. I don't know how long we'd survive like that...but a week is definitely doable.

modestmuse said...

WHOA, he has gotten so big! He's definitely a little boy now, wow!! And your hair looks great -- is it darker? Cut different? I don't know what it is, but keep doing it!! p.s. the word verification is "hotte." And that, you are!

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

yeah, my hair looks very dark in these pictures... not really sure why... must be the lighting. it is kinda dark naturally, but it looks darker than normal. weird :)

and actually i really need like a trim or something- nothing crazy- but my hair is dangerously tripping into "witch" or "wild jungle woman" territory... apparently one hair cut a year is no longer... cutting it (haha, oh puns.).

AJ said...

you are so hot right now.

Bille said...

your hair is so long and luxuriant.

Jessica F. said...

I hate not having a car but love coming up with ideas as to how I can get everything done! You seem to have mastered it!

diana palmer said...

now that i know everyone else commented on your hair, i kind of don't want to.

but that was my first reaction to this post: w-h-o-a, stephanie is so beautiful right now. her hair is so long and so dark.

second reaction: where are the pregancy pictures i asked for. she should definitely post pregnancy pictures if she's looking so good.

third reaction: i won't have a car all semester. wish we could join you on the beach. maybe we'll find a potato field or something (if i sound bitter, its because i am...hehehehe)

Carrie said...

Um hi there.

Hair = awesome

No car = not awesome

Optimism = very awesome

Carrie = jealous

Ok I'm done. But I do wish I could just waltz down the street to the beach when my car broke. That sounds very very fantastic.

liko said...

you are so good to remind me...the funny thing is: i can have the car and then end up staying home most of the time when i do, it's when i don't have one that i feel like i need to get out and do things and feel like i am going stir-crazy. i think it is just the thought of it...i am weird. anyways, i think your hair looks like it has been looking (great!), and you have always looked awesome since i have known you. maybe we will join you in some of your car-less shenanigans...me and malik. faith's back in school. and the sun has been shining. life is good.
oh, and i am loving my recipe book!

Melissa said...

of course you ARE beautiful as always, but the first thing I noticed was that you are wearing a sports bra type top, no? just made me chuckle!

I'm happy that you get to have this simple week. those are always good to have every now and again!

mrs. peterson said...

well, you're a dear, but i have to agree with carrie: if having no car meant walking to the beach i'd take it any day! instead for me it would mean walking 3 miles in the snow along the highway without a sidewalk to work! ha.

but my car works, so it's not an issue!

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