16 January 2009

i really like: trying my best even when i'm tired or it's hard

a shift is happening.

my baby boy is a toddler and is pretending he is two or something. it is a little tiring and i feel like i have a choice to make.

sometimes i want to be lazy and just let things be, but i know i am not doing him any favors. i need to get up, and be hands on. this can be exhausting, but i need to do it.

so, when i get moments like i got this morning i savor them.

me and ambrose sitting on the couch, him on my lap, his usually busy little toddler legs in my hands and his sweet head uncharacteristically relaxed and resting on on me too. we're watching 101 dalmatians for the umpteenth time and i really dont mind, i like this one. we're bobbing along to the music and snuggling up a little more when that scary cruella deville is on the screen. he sighs and says, "my mama" and nuzzles in and i am enjoying it.

later today he'll get a time out for trying to flush a whole roll of toilet paper down the toilet and i'll think it's funny, but i'll have to be firm and lead him gently but uncompromisingly to his room until he can settle down and come out on his own.
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this is hard for me, but i know i need to do it if i want him to grow into the person i know he was intended to be and he is so smart that he is forgiving and when he's calmed down we'll get out the crayons to draw a picture for daddy, and chomp on apple slices, and curl up to read a good story and he will be a little wiser for it and have learned something.

that's my hope for him anyway. it's not easy being a toddler or the mom of a toddler sometimes, but it is pretty sweet and precious too.
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Bille said...

Whenever I think about really having kids I say to my self, but you are so lazy, how are you going to ever manage that? So, bravo to you for being a grat mom.

lizzie said...

Funny to think that these little things we do right now to these little boys that are often just as much about maintaining our sanity are really, like you said, more about helping them grow up into men that we can be proud of. Thanks for the reminder.

darcie said...

stephanie, can you see my blog? i wasn't sure what (x) meant.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

oh no i havent seen it yet! maybe i should have written it this way:


try that! try that! :)

Audra said...

You are a good mom, better than me!

liko said...

there are days when i do give in to that lazy feeling and instantly regret it. now that my family is gone, i feel like i am finally finding my place as a wife and mother. late, huh? rather than relying on my family when i am tired and lazy, i am trying to teach myself to enjoy the moments more because just tonight as i watched faith asleep, i thought to myself that it seemed as though it were just yesterday that i gave birth to her. time is going by so fast and it is my sacred duty as a mother to teach my children and mold them into righteous, steadfast individuals. a pretty BIG task. hard to do at times, but i, and you and all the other mothers out there are trying. everyday. and when i think of it, i wouldn't want it any other way.