22 February 2010

coming to you live from my office

I thought I would get my tests finished before class, but I can't so instead I am making a to-do list. Maybe I'll join you at the tattoo parlor ash.... I really love to do lists.

side note: Thomas once made me a little notebook of blank to-do check-off lists for a "just because" present. He got all creative with it. It was awesome. It had several pages and was used very quickly.

other side note: Sometimes I write things I have already done on a checklist just so I can check it off.

Side notes done, now for the to-do for this week:

last side note I promise: nothing on this list has already been done so I can't check anything off just yet, sadly. Not even the grading. Boo hoo.

finish pesky tests

take sick baby Asher to the doctor

get Ambrose a TB shot for this little weekly preschool group we might do

catch up on grading

clean our "apartment" aka- our bedroom and our kid bedroom... they are both severely neglected because I keep thinking "Oh I'll just deep clean it when it's time to move up to the new place"... but it's never time to move up to the new place. Face the facts Max.

Go for a run or two

Get 12 inches cut off my hair!!!!

Start making our pelmets (see sidebar tutorial for more info)

Maybe finally mail out the Sewing Society cards- I have like 200.... million

Finish the binding on our bedspread quilt

Get more sleep (HA!)

Do a couple good deeds

Write a few love notes

Read to my children every chance we get

Go outside every chance we get

Not let my son watch a show more than once a day (we don't even have a TV right now, but the computer is my crutch)

Start a top secret project

Feel content if I get even four of these things accomplished


And here's an old picture of the band trying to look like tough guys just for kicks!

Ok, better get to class soon. Adios Amigos!


ashley said...

ok, we can totally go get inked together. ;)

you have quite the list going my friend, lots of good things on there that will be fun to to though! so your going to chop your hair?!??! i am excited for you, can't wait to see it!

lots more to comment on, crying kid got to run though...

Henke Family said...

That is quite the list!
I admit it too.....I regularly make a list and jot down some things that I have already accomplished just so I can check it off on paper. :) I guess I need that accolade from myself. :)

liko said...

i'm off to read into the 'pelmet' thing...
and :-( for poor asher.

Melissa said...

pelmet is such a funny word! They are really cute though.

great list, I am really excited to see your hair! Actually can you please move that up to number one on your list? I am no good at waiting and who care about responsibilities, like grading papers anyways?

Smiths said...

ok, you proved you're busy. How can my kids and I weasle our way onto that To Do list? I guess you're little guy should get healthy first- then we play!

ps: don't forget to ask for a little help sometimes- that's quite a load for one lady

Holladay Photo said...

definitely go for the fun hair change- A line bobs are one of my favorite cuts of all time. changing up hair is one of the easiest ways for me to get a style lift when i'm feeling like i'm in a rut. (p.s. i know someone really good with a line bobs, she is a friend and she lives in kapolei...she does hair out of her house, but used to work at paul brown...it's a drive though...i go there after work when i need a cut). have fun!

also- i love the music you post on your blog. love anya marina. thanks for the great songs.