24 February 2010

don't get your panties in a bunch

This is NOT an announcement by any means, but the other day Ambrose did tell daddy that we needed a "girl baby" and I couldn't disagree. Thomas felt ganged up on. :)

But really, when I see things like this:

it makes me feel a secret little longing that I really didn't think I was going to feel again because I am content with my little family. We are having a great time with our sweet, feisty boys.

But, ahhh, there's so many fun sewing projects for little girly girls.

Anyway, I seem to be a little random in my thoughts these days, but what I am thinking about tonight is how much I am enjoying motherhood and how lucky I am to be home with my children.

I could get a full-time job and we would probably be a lot better off, but I choose to sacrifice all the "lot better off" stuff and stay home. Not everyone can or wants to make that choice and that's everyone's own business. You know what's best for your family and I know what's best for mine and this is my blog so I'm talkin about me here. ;)

When I think about all the molding and shaping that is going on with my children from the moment they wake up in the morning until the moment their chubby cheeks hit their pillows at night I get a little overwhelmed and feel inadequate, but we take it day by day and we try our best and when we get stressed out and aren't doing our best we can start over fresh.

I think every child deserves a nurturing, loving parent to be there for them and raise them well.

I feel like this time is so important not only for my kids, but for me too. I have learned to go without and learned to find fun and learning opportunities in so many different settings. I have also learned what my limits are and when to take a little breather or how to pick my battles...etc.

I'm so grateful for the chance to be with them - taking on the day with enthusiasm, hope, and love- in search of the next big adventure!

What is the future going to bring for our family?

I'm in no rush to have any answers these days, because even when things get whiney and crazy I am really enjoying the here and now.

This is a new feeling for me.

I am a girl who probably would have enjoyed many different careers, but who currently finds herself swimming in playdates, stickers, PB&J, potty training, forts, sand and sunscreen, marshmallows, number flashcards, car seats, story-time, tantrums, baby kisses, scripture stories, camp-outs, kites, library books, mum mum crackers...etc.

and it's a sweet place to be.

I know this is what I am supposed to be doing right now.

What could be better?


lizzie said...

I could have written this post. But you probably already knew that. Actually, I think you have been channeling my thoughts these days . . . except about the little girl thing. I'm sold on boys. I'll take another, please. But not any time soon.

liko said...

absolutely perfect words, as always, my friend.

and let's make something with the same pattern as that sashiko bag. sooo very cute.

Matti said...

Amen my friend. I've been so content lately too...and i LOVE it! I'm glad to hear you feel the same joy.

Damaris said...

yes kids are great.

ps. now that I have a girl I spend way more money. she's 5 months old and today I spend almost $40 on earrings for her. When was the last time I spend $40 on myself?
yeah, exactly.

ashley said...


that is all, just a big :)

Brady and Rachel said...

Perfectly put. I do hope one day you do get to experience all the precious joy that comes with a baby girl too. It is wonderful! I absolutely LOVE my boys and I LOVED LOVED the time I had just me and them hanging out each day, what awesome ADVENTURES we had and I am not trying to continue with, but its still an adjustment with three. But, girls, are SO MUCH fun in a whole new way. Though seriously, like your other friend said, you do spend way more money. I told Brady the other day, I went to target and I could have EASILY!! spent over $100 on clothes for her (so many cute spring things right now), but I was so proud of myself when I walked away with only spending $8.00. That is an accomplishment in and of itself for me. :) You remind me of the fun memories I had when it was just the boys a year or two back, especially when my boys were the age of yours. So fun. I love that you are enjoying the moments so much and treasuring them. You are an AWESOME mom, and of course a great writer. You put it all perfectly. I am also SO GRATEFUL to be home with my children. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

laurel said...

GOOD. This is good. I don't have children but getting to be around other people's children, having the priveledge of being entrusted with their care every day has been the GREAT and I do mean GREAT highlight of my entire South Korea living experience. I fear I have not been doing so well but I am trying to see what all my struggle is about. I have these painfully self destructive thought patterns that I am trying to just learn to recognize as such, just thought patterns, not reality. Also, thanks for your comment on facebook.

star said...

Oh dear Stephanie, reading things like this always reminds me how precious my time is and how important my role is. Thank you for the beautiful reminders. I need them. I value them. I love you!

melissa marie said...

sorry i never comment on your blog anymore steph. i just seem to come up short on good comebacks. xxoo

echo said...

how did i miss this post?
anyway, i love it.
you are great. your kids are great. life is great.