11 March 2010

and now about the pups

I still have children you know. However, when I want to blog about Ambrose or Asher I can never get to all the good quality and awesome pictures of them because our lightroom is acting up and freezing our computer and that is where the pictures are stored. Boo hoo. Chad Crosby do you know anything about Macs and lightroom?

Anywho, the other issue is that I am so busy with these pups of mine these days: having fun, or soothing tears, or feeding them, or giving timeouts...etc. that there is no extra time to sit in front of a computer. I'm sure you can relate.

So, here are some cell phone pictures and a little about the fun - ok- no joke- I just had to take a wad of paper out of Asher's mouth while I was in the middle of that sentence. Whew. Near choking avoided. I'm back now. SEE???? Anyway, he's playing with a big diapers box now and I'm letting Ambrose brush his teeth over and over so I can type this. I'm sure you can relate.

No you can't? Well, you're a better mother than me then. Give yourself a gold star.


Ambrose will be three in like a week or so. He is getting interested in potty training just barely and I will spare you all potty training details. You're welcome. I'm not one to type out how many poops and pees my child makes. No offense people, but I never want to know that much about someone else's child while I'm blog reading. haha :)

We've started attending a weekly preschool group in Kaneohe after my class on Wednesdays which is AWESOME! It's like a real classroom with real teachers and real resources and it's FREE. It's through DOE and is first come first serve and luckily we saw the flyer early enough in the library one day. It's all about the developmental stages and how to bring out the best in your child. We love it.

We are also still loving Happy School twice a week. So fun!

Yum, chocolate sucker...... (bleh.)
He's been saying some pretty hilarious stuff too. This post might be long if I get it all down, but my sisters and parents will appreciate this and it's kinda awesome so here goes:

Me: Ambrose stop smothering Asher. Stop.
A: Hug him?
Me: NO! Stop. Ok, you didn't listen so you've lost the right to touch him.
A: (reaches out his hand) Give me my right! (Grabs the air in front of me and then proudly gallops around screaming) I got my right back!!!


After 45 minutes of trying to get Ambrose to eat something besides tortilla chips for dinner.
Thomas: Finish your yogurt or no dessert.
A: But I'm being funny!
T: You know what's gonna be funny? The look on your face when you realize you don't get any dessert.
A: (without missing a beat) Funny for YOU but not for Ambrose!


Thomas: Ambrose you know you can't do that. You're not allowed.
A: AM I LOUD NOW?!?!?!??!?!?!


Me: (grabbing 4 pieces of Life cereal out of Ambrose's snack bag) Can Mama eat these?
A: (concerned) No! (Grabs them back and crumbles one into tiny pieces) You can have this small one so you don't choke!!


(As I walk into the room Ambrose looks up from his coloring)
A: Oh Mama, you know that I love you?
ME: Yeah buddy thanks. I love you too.
A: I love you too! (As if that's the best new idea he's ever heard.)


(Ambrose slows down after a bike ride.)
Thomas: Do you need a break buddy?
A: (rubbing his calves and shins) Yeah, I need to break these legs.

He's still my sweet baby boy and loves to be treated as such. In fact, as per his request of course, we pretended he was baby Jesus all morning. No joke. I carried him around since I was "married" (Mary) and Asher huddled around us because he was a sheep. Glorious.

And normally in my blogging life this far Ambrose plays the role of the naughty, hilarious, entertaining main character and then Asher gets a cute picture and a sweet comment or two, but look out world! Last week I swear I woke up and noticed that Asher has six teeth and one or two more coming in, can crawl like an absolute maniac, and has allllllll sorts of opinions. OH! and Thomas taught him to clap and it's precious.

These pups of mine sure are fun. Thanks for reading.


liko said...

oh, one of my favorite posts yet!! love all the comebacks of ambrose. i think my favorite was the "right" one. hahaha!! he is awesome!! thomas is pretty funny, too.
miss you guys. feels like it's been too long!!

Kim and the Fam said...

Ha ha, Ambrose is going have a quick wit! Love it. I can't believe Asher is crawling, clapping and has so many teeth. So BIG and adorable!

echo said...

i love the she said he said.
ambrose is hilarious!

Natalie said...

Great post Steph! I love getting to hear what Ambrose says. He is so cute and so literal- he must be about 3. They are growing so fast. I can't wait for this summer. I REALLY can't wait, but what choice do I have? :)

Ali said...

Ditto feelings on the potty training updates... trying to remember if I'm guilty of such an offense?

LOVED this post and the Ambrose comments, particularly the "not being allowed/AM I BEING LOUD NOW" conversation... so funny!

Asher! So adorable.

boo face mcjones said...

goodness, auntie boo over here is just glowing with this wonderful update! and she just CAN'T WAIT to meet these pups.

Mindy said...

Love the Ambrose quotes...seems like he is developing a pretty quick wit! I can't believe those boys of yours are getting so big...it's nice to peek in and see what I have to look forward to the next few months!

.Ang. said...

ok. Ambrose is hilarious! :) and QUICK! Love it!

at the rate Asher is growing he'll be a man in no time!!

We sure had fun hanging out the other day!! and our creation was a hit with the family!

Tyken just about jumped out of his seat when he saw pictures of your kids on here. We need to get together more!

and Like I said before, I think you are a swell mom and I can Definitely relate!

modestmuse said...

LOL those quotes crack me up!! He is growing into such a humorous little boy. And Asher is totally on the move. I like all the pictures, and even if you are busy having fun with them for days, I'm glad you can give us updates when they're busy with toothbrushes and diaper boxes :)

melissa marie said...

oh, i like those sassy words from amby. maybe he'll toss some of them my way next time i see him (instead of his usual reaction to me (crying)).

Matti said...

Well put. A moving Asher?? Hello mahem...here we come! ;-) I cracked up at all the things Ambrose said. Reminded me of something Eden said yesterday. I think I'll blog it now. ;-)

sheila said...

What a funny little boy. That's what makes it so nice to stay at home and be a mom. Priceless.

Melissa said...

haha he's too funny! My favorite is how he grabbed his right back! lol

glad Asher's teeth finally come through!

oh and Chad says: "we should do a memory test".

So let us know when you want to do that.

laurel said...

Oh my gosh... this was my favorite post ever. What a good laugh. Ambrose is so smart. Wow.

diana palmer said...

i love your pups. its only natural that amby should be brilliant coming from your and thomas.

ashley said...

your pups are fun and cute! love this post. funny how we sometimes forget to post about the little people in our lives. maybe cause blogging is a little escape from them. speaking of, ivy just started screaming agin in bed. for real. got to run.

and thanks for the ice cream tonight, it made me happy

Carrie said...

I laughed out loud at the Ambrose section. ha.

Bille said...

Three!?! Really three? I find that hard to believe. is he really that old? Love these pictures and all the funny things Ambrose said.

Mariko said...

That was very fun. He is so clever.
I'm sure the renovations will be worth it. I have a hard time saying that to myself, though. We were offered the chance to renovate our kitchen (paid by the owners) and I just couldn't stomach it. I'm that wimpy.
I'm so glad I'm near the end of potty training. If she has to wear a diaper at night for the rest of her life, I will not care.

Joanna said...

ha! i got my right back! what precious little boys you have. those pictures of asher just kill me!