06 March 2010

silent anniversary

My oliofolio peeps will recognize the title of this post, but this time I am referring to the fact that March 1, 2010 came and went and we didn't say much about it.

We moved out of our happy little Hauula home
2br 1ba Photomerge
March 1, 2009 to start a new adventure: living in Thomas' parent's home while they embarked on a three month mainland adventure, and then trespassing on their kindness a little longer until our renovated nest on top of their house was complete. I missed our little home in Hauula so badly and sometimes I think I am trying desperately to recreate it with every design choice I get to help make in the new apartment.

Light, bright, clean, modern, basic = perfection.

I remember when we sighed at the fact that we might have to wear out our welcome for as much as three to maybe even five or six months together upon their return. It seemed like a lot to ask and like a time of transition that we hoped wouldn't mess with our kid's schedules or behavior...etc. too much.

Well, it has been a year and we are starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel as far as apartment completion is concerned, but more than once I have felt like our toys were strewn about my in-laws house a little too much, our toddler screamed a little too loudly and frequently, I was unaware of what said toddler was doing while I nursed a very hungry baby perhaps a little too much, I didn't take my turn to cook dinner for everyone one too many times...etc...etc.


lucky for us my in-laws have a way of making all that seem ok. If they are reading this: THANK YOU.

How many young moms have the luxury of a loving grandma and grandpa right there to help out at a moments notice?

What will I do once we are upstairs in our own space that I have been craving for so long and I FINALLY have to deal with it all MYSELF?? :)

Anyway, here's to the year that no one expected. A year that taught me so much about simplifying, letting things go, and moving forward with a perfect brightness of hope no matter what set-backs came our way.

A hard year. A wonderful year.

A year I wouldn't trade for anything.


liko said...

so lovely. a year. wow. can i press pause?

Kahilau said...

Living with Mike's parents was of the best things we ever did. Was it hard YES! for ALL of us? YES. but the bonds,love, and understanding for each other that can only come through day to day interaction have been the HUGEST blessing of our last 2 years in Hawaii. Our kids LOVE their grandparents because they KNOW them. Who could ask for anything more? Enjoy this time. You will miss it, and you will find that when it is done, moving into our own place is ALSO one of the best things ever!

Libby said...

oh dear stephanie. I know how you feel. as i have been living with my parents for MUCH longer than I anticipated. Good thing we have people who love us and want to help us, huh?! :)

Rach said...

Sad I never saw that house...it looks fun. BY The way we stopped by yesterday to get out of the rain..you were the closest & then we decided to say hi. ANd your in-laws showed us your soon to be house...and I love it. I love the colors. Love the living room/kitchen area...love it all!! can't wait to see your touch on it, once you've moved in!

Taylor said...

it's true. i think we share the same sentiments about he past year.

yahoo for new adventures to come!