03 March 2010

i guess i'm old enough to care about this now

oh yeah, and we were almost creamed by a tsunami last Saturday. I wasn't totally unprepared:

but we had several hours notice to get it all together and if we had in fact been creamed by the tsunami, like we anticipated, we sure would have appreciated less stale food....

AND a tsunami has hit my little island home before and we've been promised one will again...

SO it's time to get serious about this preparedness business and it feels good to finally get started. I feel all organized and responsible.

There are a million helpful sites. Well, several anyway.

I love this one: Food Storage Made Easy

I heard about it through a friend a long time and ago and did what I always do, which is file it away for someday when I have the space and money for food storage.

NOW IS THE TIME! There will always be an excuse and the next tsunami (or insert threatening natural disaster menacing your neck of the woods here) could hit any day.

I even bought the E-Binder and am going to print it off at BYUH tomorrow through print services. Sorry, I can't print you one because there's a copyright agreement and one of the most annoying things about me is I am a rule keeper. I know. How irritating. Sorry.

BUT- it's only $17 and that's nothing compared to the peace of mind I feel now that I have a system to go by and feel in control of the situation.

I am excited to finally get with the program. Hope you can do the same cuz I like you and all, but I don't really want to share all my tang and granola with you next tsunami just cuz you're lame and didn't get prepared. ;)


ashley said...

whatever, ivy would walk over to you and bat her eye lashes and use her "cute voice" and you would totally give her granola and tang. i know you would.
but i promise to get my s together so that she can make it an even trade. your granola for our cranberries? your tang for our toilet paper? sound like a good deal to me.

M and N said...

be prepared! our power went out the other night, nat was home alone with turner and we didn't even have a flashlight.

we bought one the next day.

melissa marie said...

awesome. somehow we have a bunch of food storage, even though i have a hard time keeping a lot of "unnecessary" things around. i had to drill it into my head "this is not excess, it is a commandment!"

i'm kind of insane.

but i'm glad you're prepared, but even gladder that you didn't get bludgeoned by the tsunami.

echo said...

yip yip. agreed.

liko said...

:-) i grabbed our 72-hour kits, but i haven't yet looked into them, since we didn't eat anything on tsunami day from them...
i def. do not wanna be one of those lame people!!