24 March 2010

my home computer is giving me grief

So my work computer will quickly post these. We have been up to some things and here are some of them from my camera phone. Why the camera phone all the time? See the subject of this post for details.

I made a bunch of these on Saturday and handed them out with Ambrose and sometimes Asher in tow:
If you didn't get one and you are feeling left out it is only because the inviting was tragically cut short yesterday by crying children. You are invited. Monday 3/29 10:30AM-12noon at Kekela. A "camping" party for the big "tree" year old. Be there.

I am teaching Happy School this week and indocterinating the children with all kinds of hippie, tree hugging ideals since the theme is how happy the earth makes us: And we truly do live in such a beautiful beautiful world that Heavenly Father has created for us. Of course we should take care of it! It's only polite.

Speaking of polite. I love the sassy tudes in this group. Sometimes it makes me excited for their mothers to come at 11am and claim them, but mostly it's just awesome because it shows me that all the sass I deal with in Amby all day is indeed all part of the age and stage.
And is usually just plain hilarious.

And this was snack time: YUM!

Aloha. My parents come on Saturday y'allllllll!!!!!!!!!!!! Cha-hooooo!


liko said...

i do believe i have a bit of hippy in me somewhere...what fun it seems - happy school!!
and we are anticipating the partay, lady!

Ali said...

Those fruit kabobs look delish! I'm so happy your parents are coming! Yes! What a fun thing to look forward too... the anticipation part is so great, I think!

melissa marie said...

just to be polite, i'll rsvp and regrettably decline the tree year old party, even though it sounds awesome.

Roeckers said...

Happy birthday AMberose!
How exciting Grandma and Grandpa get to come see you guys!!

(I am so excited to see your food storage thingy on the side! I have been using that site for a year now. I love her ez-bread recipe. I make it every week with my fresh ground wheat! It has helped me a lot with my calling in RS as food storage specialist.)

KristenE. said...

I love that you are instilling hippie values into their young minds...hehehe =) I got your invitation in the mail...or, Ava did from Amby =) They are so CUTE and CREATIVE! Still checking to see if someone can work for me, but if not, I'll be there in spirit.

diana palmer said...

hey, i really like you. and i really like that picture with the globe ball.

melissa marie said...

steph! i saw you: http://www.gettotallyrad.com/blog/photographer-interviews/natalie-norton.html

a mermaid said...

woah! thanks for letting me know! how awesome. i mean RAD! :) i need to buy those pictures from her. i am in love.

love you too mellie.