04 December 2008

list of the cool kids

(this post is to be read in a sassy tone if you can manage that...haha)

carrie tracy - friend thru a friend from blogging
molly tanuvasa- she was the RS prez i was her counselor
ashley moffat- hawaii friend, beach day organizer
logan hazard- my cousin, the almost-dentist
jill ridgeway- mother of a friend from elem/jr high/high school
alicia quackenbush- my sister's sister-in-law
susan roecker- my aunt
sheila rich- hawaii friend
audra karlinsey- friend from byu-idaho days
melissa peterson- kindred spirit and europe study abroad friend
morgan mecomber- fellow drama nerd friend form growing up years
megan swanson- fellow drama nerd friend from growing up years too
taylor beebe- hawaii friend/co-worker too
meg thomander- hawaii friend (craftiest person ever)
natalie buck- my sister
rachel whetten- friend and wife of one of thomas' best friends

these are the cool people. sorry if you're not on the list.

oh you wanna be on it? ok, you have six more days to get yourself on this most exclusive list... go here to review the guidelines like remembering to type it up in word before and attaching it to your email. typing it up at all before hand helps me out. i dont want this to take over my life, but i want YOU in!

calling them out: these are some people who i love who are most noticeably not on this cool kid list:
my mother and mother-in-law
two of my sisters... ash and britt
maybe some sister-in-laws if they wanna do it
echo, mel c, matti, liko, stef, anna
can you believe im making this list? sassy.
becca boo, starlyn
cousin julie
hmmm... who else? oh yeah, and YOU! (unless you've already submitted... then you're off the hook.)

ok, i'm sure i'm forgetting some names, but you have six more days anyway, so get on it! don't worry, i'll remind you again. i'm like that :)


snbjork said...

Hey girl, thanks for the reminder (again)! I've been meaning to send you recipes, but always remember at the wrong time. But, today the kids are down for naps and all is well, so it was perfect timing! I just emailed my recipes to you. Have a good one!

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

nice: suzanne bjork and ali flegal are now added to the cool kids list... who will be next?? :)

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

ah ha! add two more:

danielle radon and ashley burnham...

both also very very cool!

this is great.

liko said...

sassy indeed!!! i was so insulted to NOT see my name in the top list. then was ecstatic to see it on the bottom, even if it's because i'm one of the slackers. i'll do it right now, since i love you so much. and then you can move me up top! with the cool ones...
such a clever way to get us to DO it!

Bille said...

ok, ok! I admit before I read down I was sad I was not on the list, but i had a sneaky feeling this was about the recipes I need to send you. I slack because of the Mac, we got no microsoft word on this baby.... I want my name in BOLD lettering when I send you my stuff.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

stacie hawley just mad ethe cool kid list

and bille- just type it up in your email and i will paste it in word for you. ill make an exception for you my dear- anything for you :)

Bille said...

i'm such a baby :)

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

im working and getting all these email updates at the same time... so i can easily provide these play by plays!

bille is now a cool kid too! :)

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

liko miller is a cool kid too

lizzie said...

I already warned you I'd be the last one done. That's what you get for putting your deadline on the last day of class!

Okay, so maybe I'll try to get it done this Sunday. It'll be worth the wait, though, don't you worry.

echo said...

i am so ashamed. i am on the naughty list. i will do better.

Alli said...

Ummm...just so you know, dec. 10 is on the calendar for exactly this reason.:)

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

melissa crosby just made the cool kid list! hooray for all you new cool kids - way to show your true colors :)

Audra said...

Oh I feel SO special! I am on the cool list, for once in my life!

Anna K. said...

I guess I better hurry up and send that recipe so I can be on the cool kids list! Oh, and we don't have word either so perhaps i'll send it on my e-mail. I can't wait to be cool!